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Review on monitor Benq BL2780 27″ Black

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Good day to all. For a long time I dreamed of assembling a powerful personal computer for myself, and therefore, the task was to select components and accessories. Which of course I did. Today, the culprit of our triumph was the Benq BL2780 27″ Black monitor (9H.LGXLA.TBE). The main selection criteria for me were: price, IPS matrix, thin frames, the presence of all the necessary ports for connection and a screen size of 27 inches. Why IPS? One of the advantages of the IPS matrix is ​​the accurate color rendering of the image on the screen at any viewing angles; the extended horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees provide a comfortable viewing of content and rich color reproduction of images. Some say that with this resolution and screen diagonal, pixels are visible. But this is a purely subjective opinion of each person, they are visible to someone, but not to someone.

Front view:

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 1

Having looked at a bunch of other monitors that match my preferences, I stopped at this. In addition to these criteria, it has a bunch of other advantages: cables are closed in the stand, headphone output in the monitor, built-in speakers (enough videos to watch movies), the absence of glare, broken pixels, matrix waves, flicker-free backlight (Flicker-Free) and what surprised me at all was the light sensor, for such a price I consider that it is worth praise. It looks strict and concise. What pleases, due to the matte finish, there are no glare and dust is not visible during the day. Delivery to the point of delivery onlinetrade.ru was pretty fast, the seller looked at the monitor for broken pixels and damage, and as was already written above, they were not found.

Back view:

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 5

Due to the high-quality materials of the case, the monitor is scratch resistant.

This model has several connectors, one VGA (D-sub), one HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort 1.2, one output for audio and Jack 3.5 mm headphones. What bribed me very much is that all the monitor connectors are directed down, it is very convenient, if the monitor is near the wall, then the wires will not abut against it .

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 7

On the left side is the power connector and underneath it is an official marking indicating the model code, product name, type, voltage range, current frequency, date of manufacture, where manufactured.

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 8


  • Width: 61.2 cm;
  • Depth: 5 cm;
  • Height: 38.1 cm;
  • Weight: 3.92 kg;
  • Width with stand 61.2 cm;
  • Height with stand 46.3 cm;
  • Depth with stand 18.7 cm;
  • Set Weight with Stand: 4.85 kg.

At the moment, the monitor is on the computer desk. And I want to say that his stand is very strong and reliable, has an iron base, unlike competitors, in this price category, in which the stand is made of plastic. Cables are hidden in a leg for wires. This is a very wonderful and wise decision.

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 6

The monitor package includes:

  • Durable stand, which consists of two parts;
  • Brief instructions for connecting and configuring;
  • Standard power cable of European standard;
  • HDMI cable;
  • Disk with drivers and electronic versions of instructions/

Let’s now look at the box in which it is delivered to us, the consumers.

That’s how she actually looks.

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 9

Box sizes:

  • Width: 0.72 meters;
  • Height: 0.45 meters;
  • Thickness: 0.13 meters;
  • Weight: 7.1 kilograms;

The monitor on both sides was packed with such parts of polystyrene. It was packed very tightly, it would not be damaged during transportation.

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 10

In the lower front of the monitor is a room light sensor. What can I say about her: personally, I have not had to use it yet, but I specifically turned on this feature for the review and I want to say that it works fine.

Benq BL2780 27" Black, photo 11

I have long set out to change my current monitor to some 27-inch FullHD 1080 and decided to stay on the Benq BL2780. In general, the monitor is not bad, but judging by some reviews, many have a marriage, namely the unevenness of the backlight. The most important thing is to check it before buying together with the seller for broken pixel waves, etc. He doesn’t have a stock image, to be honest, but if he has straight hands, then this is decided by adjusting the image. Setting the image in this monitor is very easy. As for me, the IPS matrix looks much nicer after the past of my monitor with VA matrix. In general, I am satisfied with the monitor. Serves me faithfully. For such a price, an excellent upgrade option.

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