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Review on JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones

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JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 1

It was decided to purchase wireless headphones from the well-known American manufacturer JBL to replace the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones, which it was time to change because of their old age. After reading reviews on the Internet and making conclusions for myself about the main criteria for a future choice, I set about implementing it. Firstly, the main criteria for buying true wireless headphones should have been: nice design, brand awareness and fit in the ear. After reviewing several models, I settled on JBL Live Pro +, chose white and placed an order for them on the online store. The cost of the headphones at the time of my purchase was 110 USD, but taking into account the use of bonuses, they cost 102 USD.

The headphones come in a sturdy 100 x 160 x 45 mm cardboard box with a photo of the wireless headphones on the front and back, and a description of the main features of the technical product in several languages ​​on the back of the package.

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 2
JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 3

The case is made in a standard form factor and has compact dimensions (55x48x26mm), but opens in such a way that it provides access to the entire earpiece at once, which makes it more convenient to remove the earbuds. It is made of plastic that is pleasant to the touch, the lid opens comfortably, without clicks and has no backlash. On the front (front) side of the case there are 3 LED indicators that allow you to approximately get information about charging the gadget.

Also included in the kit (except for the charging case and the TWS headphones themselves) is a warranty card, a small brochure for quick connection of the gadget, a booklet for using the google assistant, 4 pairs of simple ear pads of different sizes, orange (in the color of the brand) charging wires 28 centimeters long .

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 4

The charging wire is orange, but it stops annoying already on the second day (addictive effect). If 28cm seems short to you or the color scheme will hurt your eyes, then now everyone has a bunch of different cables at home, and given that Type-C is now the most common charging socket, I think that there are problems with replacing it will not.

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 5

By the way, the cable is made in such a way that you can insert it into the USB socket without thinking about which side you do it.

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 6

Headphones have a standard shape. All adjustments are made using the touch button. You can change the noise reduction mode (on / off / transparency mode), activate the voice assistant, answer and end an incoming call, play and pause music, and switch music tracks. Unfortunately, the volume up and down on the headphones themselves is not provided, and this can only be done by adjusting the phone or player.

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 7

Audibility during a conversation in headset mode is good, and the interlocutor hears you satisfactorily, depending on the mode of using a wireless gadget.

Headphones do not fall out of the ears, do not cause discomfort. The sound quality is high and low. The sensor responds immediately and does not have to be pressed several times.

For the convenience of using headphones on your phone, you need to download the My JBL Headphones application. It shows the TWS battery percentage, adjusts noise reduction modes, suggests the best fit for the headphones, downloads and updates the firmware if necessary, and much more.

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones, image 8

The process of synchronizing headphones and phone is almost instantaneous.

Autonomy is not great, but sufficient: a case battery is 500 mAh, an earphone is 55 mAh. The headphone battery life declared by the manufacturer at 7 hours has not yet been achieved, but 5.0 – 5.5 hours at a volume of 70 percent – they can withstand it completely. Supports wireless charging.

Noise canceling is sufficient for most locations, but in the subway train noise is not completely blocked. Transparency mode allows you to freely carry on a conversation without removing the headphones.

Summarizing, we can say that the assembly of the JBL Live Pro + is very good, the sound is high-quality at all frequencies and allows you to listen to music of different genres and musical directions with pleasure. I recommend this device for purchase.

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  1. Good day, thanks for such an insightful article, I have a question please.

    How has the user’s experience with the JBL Live Pro+ TWS Wireless Headphones been impacted by the claimed battery life of 7 hours versus the actual usage of 5.0 – 5.5 hours at 70 percent volume, and what strategies or adjustments does the user employ to manage the battery life effectively during daily use?



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