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Review on MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2 AM4 Motherboard

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This motherboard is presented in the Micro-ATX form factor, unfortunately there is no full support for Windows 7, the manufacturer guarantees support for Windows 10 64bit. The MSI BAZOOKA V2 motherboard is designed for AM4 socket processors, the practical one is the brother of PRO-VDH and MORTAR. At the same time, the B450 chipset supports the entire line of processor models up to the 3rd generation Ryzen, after BIOS flashing.

Device and appearance

Recently, MSI motherboards have got military-themed titles like Bazooka, Mortar, and Tomahawk. In the case of the Bazooka, RPG-7 is depicted.

MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2, image 1

The board conforms to the mATX format, there are nine holes for mounting in the case. Unfortunately, there are no points for measuring voltage, as well as an indicator of POST codes. In a word, the device is intended for one-time PC assembly, and not for exhausting overclocking experiments.

The heatsink on the chipset is slightly larger than that of the same PRO VDH, without backlighting, limited to only a decorative MSI inscription.

MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2, image 2

The radiator area of ​​the VRM CPU power subsystem is covered by a slightly larger radiator than from the younger brother MSI PRO-VDH. The power system itself is a 6-phase power system (4 + 2 real) and consists of power components from NicoS to 30v and 50a, the processor power is represented by eight pin connectors.

DDR4 memory starts with support from 1866Mhz and ends with 3466Mhz in overclocking, we have four memory channels, the maximum memory that we can install on this motherboard is 64 gigabytes. The slot for the PCI-E 3.0 16x video card has one and two PCI-E 2.0 x1 slots.

MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2, image 11

On the back of the board we have soldered: one PS/2, to which you can connect a mouse or keyboard, four USB 2.0, video outputs DVI-d and HDMI for integrated graphics, 4 USB 3.1 ports, one LAN port on a Realtek chip and three audio jacks.

MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2, image 8

There are two longitudinal SATA and two more transverse sockets that are located on the right side of the board. In total – four SATA III 6Gbit/s slots. This motherboard supports RAID, M.2 SSD port with the key “M” we have one.

MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2, image 7

I would like to talk about the network and sound on the board. The Bazooka is equipped with a 7.1 sound card and a Realtek network card, which is very pleasing on the budget board.

MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2, image 10

Also on the front panel of the board are branded LEDs “EZDebugLED”, using them you can find out a specific error when starting the system if the computer does not start.

Pros and cons of the motherboard

Let’s start with the pros:

  • B450 chipset;
  • 4 RAM slots;
  • eight-pin processor power;
  • advanced audio chip and network card;
  • connector for RGB tape to decorate the system;
  • GPU and EZ indicators for error detection.

Cons :

This is the lack of a heatsink on the VRM SoC for cooling the integrated graphics, but do not forget that this is just a budget model.


And in conclusion, I would like to say that this motherboard will be an excellent solution for advanced gamers. All interesting branded “goodies” on this motherboard are of course present. MSI B450M Bazooka v2 is perfect for assembling a gaming PC in a micro-ATX case! For the money you get almost the maximum overclocking of six cores Ryzen-s, as well as memory up to 3400Mhz! For the money, this is a worthy version of the board with the AMD B450 chipset.

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  1. hey hello i have bazooka v2 atx and i have 5 2400g so now what if i buy grafic card do i9 have to remove amd chip and then put grafic card trough hdmi or what do i have to do whats ur opinion thnx

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