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Review on Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad

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Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad, image 1

Good day everyone. I haven’t written a review for a long time, but I can’t help but feel the emotions associated with listening to hard rock on the penultimate version (the new JBL Flip 6, even more powerful) of the JBL Flip 5 speakers. I have had a soft spot for JBL products for many years. These are headphones, and two JBL Flip 4 speakers, and Boombox. Everything works well and pleases the ear.

Well, now, more about the column JBL Flip 5.

Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad, image 2

As always, products are delivered in high-quality cardboard packaging. It shows a speaker with a badge from the manufacturer indicating that they think it is the best selling speaker in the world, ie. № 1.

Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad, image 3

And of course, her squad camouflage color is highlighted. All the JBL speakers I have purchased in recent years are of this color. In my opinion, they look better in nature than other colors. However, this is a matter of taste.

Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad, image 4

Inside the cardboard box is an insert with a charging cable, a warranty card, and instructions in different languages.

Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad, image 6

The speaker itself, and this is the first time, lies tightly in a plastic case, which is very convenient when transported in luggage over long distances. That’s probably all about the packaging.

Speaker JBL Flip 5 Squad, image 5

Now, in detail about the column itself. Outwardly, it differs little from the previous version of Flip 4, but bigger and heavier. The column weighs 540 grams, and its dimensions are 181x69x74 cm. The declared power of 20 W provides a slightly louder sound, but most importantly, rich bass that was not there before. The frequency range is extended towards low frequencies, and is 65 – 20000 Hz. Connects to the smartphone also via Bluetooth, but version 4.2. Charges in about two hours. It plays for a long time, but at a good volume it will last about 8 hours, and not the declared twelve. I think this time will be more than enough for any party. IPX7 dust and moisture resistant, which means it will play well even in heavy rain. Through the JBL Connect+ program and the PartyBoost function, it can be combined with other speakers in its series, which will provide stereo surround sound. In a word, the column is good for everyone, choose according to your taste. Or rather, the color. There are eleven color options available. The price, of course, has grown, but this is understandable. I recommend to buy both the product and the seller. Have a good rest, and fun parties with high-quality musical accompaniment.

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