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Review on BenQ GW2283 21.5″ Black

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Urgently needed a monitor that is not particularly hit on the budget, high-quality, with IPS matrix, with built-in speakers, modern. All these criteria, as we thought, meets BenQ GW2283 21.5. We decided, bought, we can say spontaneously.

Now in order.

Benq GW2283, image 1

Simple, without frills, of the advantages, a rather thin frame around the matrix. About 7 millimeters of the side and top frames (4 millimeters of the body and 3 millimeters, technological clearance), and about 18 millimeters of the bottom frame.

Comes in a pretty simple box.

Benq GW2283, image 2
Benq GW2283, image 3
Benq GW2283, image 4
Benq GW2283, image 5
Benq GW2283, image 6

I note that the box does not have a carrying handle in the upper part, which causes certain difficulties if you have to carry the monitor in your hands for a long time. Side handles. Not very convenient to carry. If you carry the monitor more than 500 meters.

Inside foam inserts.

Benq GW2283, image 7

Each component has its own dedicated space. Between the liners, the device itself.

Benq GW2283, image 8

Additionally wrapped in film.


  • Monitor,
  • Two-piece stand
  • Power cord,
  • VGA cord
  • Booklet, manual, warranty card and CD.
Benq GW2283, image 14

The device is supplied disassembled.

Benq GW2283, image 9

Information sticker on the screen and protective film at the bottom.

Benq GW2283, image 10

On the back, a protective film on the company logo. The main controls are located on the bottom of the device on the left side.

Benq GW2283, image 11

The connectors are located on the right side.

Benq GW2283, image 13

The stand consists of two parts.

Benq GW2283, image 16

Vertical, with threaded hole. (Two rubber pads are also visible in the photo).

Benq GW2283, image 17

And horizontal, with a screw. The user must insert the vertical part as far as it will go and fix the parts with a screw.

Benq GW2283, image 18

Assembled stand.

Benq GW2283, image 19
Benq GW2283, image 21

The photo shows that the stand is made textural, like the back wall of the monitor itself.

Benq GW2283, image 22

Next, the stand is simply inserted into the monitor, until the latch clicks.

Benq GW2283, image 23

A small indentation in the photo, this is the lock, which must be pressed to remove the stand. The stand has a removable pad for the convenience of hidden wiring.

Benq GW2283, image 24

Now about consumer properties. Good IPS matrix with natural color reproduction. For that kind of money, in my opinion, one of the best acquisitions on the market. Eyes do not get tired during the day. The viewing angles are quite large, I really do not understand people who are trying to look at the monitor from an angle (usually the user is located in front of the monitor).


Benq GW2283, image 25

Photo straight.

Benq GW2283, image 26

Photo below.

Benq GW2283, image 27

Photo on the side.

Benq GW2283, image 28

What became a complete disappointment was the sound. There are reviews on the Internet on BenQ GW2283, where people write that the sound is so-so, and in principle, we were ready for this, but it turned out to be much worse. The house has a previous generation BenQ monitor with built-in speakers. Compared to the old monitor, in this, the sound is just disgusting. And this is not nitpicking, since on the old monitor, the sound suits. Otherwise, a great workhorse.

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