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Review on LG 31.5″ 32ML600M-B

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Hello! My today’s review is focused on the category of buyers, whose representatives decided to purchase a new monitor for themselves. For me, the reason for buying a new monitor was the upgrade of my home computer, and the desire to update the monitor appeared. Before selecting and buying a new monitor, I used a model with a diagonal of 27 inches, but everyone wants something new, so it was decided to purchase a monitor with a diagonal of 32 inches. After reviewing the characteristics and reviews of some models, the choice was stopped on the monitor model LG 31.5 “32ML600M-B.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 1

The monitor is delivered in a cardboard box on which the model of the monitor and its brief technical specifications are prescribed. Cardboard, very dense, which contributes to the safety of the monitor before using it.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 2
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 3

Now you can open the box and familiarize yourself with its contents. The monitor and the scope of delivery are packaged in two separate foam inserts. At the top of the package is a kit with accessories, and under it is the monitor itself. This arrangement also serves to preserve the monitor during transportation.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 5

In addition, the monitor is wrapped in a soft backing.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 6
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 7

The monitor comes with a collapsible stand, an external power supply, a cable for connecting to a computer, and technical documentation.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 8

The technical documentation includes both the company warranty card and detailed instructions for assembly and operation. Before using the monitor, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you read the contents of these instructions.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 9

Now you can start assembling the monitor, and in particular the legs, on which our new monitor will stand. The foot structure consists of several elements included in the kit. Every detail is carefully wrapped in polyethylene at the factory.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 10

All parts are made of high quality materials, without unnecessary squeaks and gaps. The shape of the supporting part of the monitor has the shape of a semicircle, which allows the monitor to stand rigidly on the work surface.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 11

The foot of the monitor support has three rubberized inserts that will prevent the monitor from sliding on the table surface.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 12
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 13

The leg itself is made of metal. A plastic casing is put on top of the overall metal structure, which gives a very aesthetic appearance.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 14

On the leg there is a seat for installing the counterpart.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 15

Assembling all the elements into one whole is very simple. No chatter, gaps and extra tightness. For ease of assembly, detailed instructions are provided.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 16
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 17

We combine all the elements of the legs together and fasten with screws, which are also included.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 19
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 20
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 21
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 22

Now that the leg of the monitor support is assembled, we attach it to the monitor body. The monitor provides a seat. The foot is attached with two screws. To install the holder legs, the monitor must be placed on the front side.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 23
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 24

An ordinary cross-head screwdriver is required to secure the holder leg.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 25

To maintain aesthetics, the connection between the stand and the monitor is hidden by a special casing.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 26
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 27

In addition to attaching to the holder foot, the monitor can be hung on the wall. To do this, mounting holes are included in the design of the monitor. The size of the mounting frame is 100 to 100 mm. The mounting frame is located in the center of the rear.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 29
LG 32ML600M-B, photo 31

There is also an interface panel. On this panel are HDMI connectors – 2 pieces, a VGA connector and a jack for connecting headphones or other audio device.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 34

Now that the monitor is assembled, you can install it in place and turn it on. In addition to connecting the monitor to the mains, you will need to activate it using the joystick button. This button is located on the lower back of the monitor.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 37

LG 31.5 “32ML600M-B is endowed with pretty decent technical specifications. The manufacturer positions this model as a gaming monitor. This is facilitated by the fact that the monitor is endowed with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Has a brightness of 300 cd/m2.

LG 32ML600M-B, photo 36

Having connected the monitor to my computer, I absolutely did not want to go into the monitor settings, adjust and configure something there. Bright and saturated colors. Everything is very clear and colorful. The only thing that had to be done was to set 75 Hz in the Windows settings (resolution settings-additional).

Our family is very happy about the new acquisition. Without any exaggeration, I will say that we saw the world on the net in new colors! We are all thrilled! Have a good shopping!

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