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Review on Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG 24″ Black

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Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 1

In the review, I present a model of the gaming monitor Asus VG248QG with a diagonal of 24″. The declared name is emphasized by a design with sharp shapes. Unlike its predecessor VG248QE, this model has small frames that are almost invisible. The body itself is made of matte plastic in black. protects the surface from scratches and other unwanted influences.

The model has a Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels). Matrix with 6-bit + FRC technology (16.7 million colors).

Low response time (1ms) and high refresh rate (up to 165Hz) make this monitor a gaming monitor. It was purchased for these purposes.

I would like to share my opinion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this monitor model.

Advantages of the model:

  • Factory setting 165Hz (works stably when connected via DP).
  • Eye Care function with Flicker-Free. Anti-flicker technology (by filtering blue light). I noticed a decrease in eye fatigue when using the monitor.
  • FreeSync / G-sync. A function for AMD and Nvidia video cards that allows you to remove the effects of “tearing frames”. Improves smoothness in games.
  • Convenient adjustment of the height and position of the display.
  • Stability of the monitor on the surface.
  • Supplied with DP cable from the factory.
  • Easy joystick control in monitor settings.
  • Matte anti-reflective coating (comfortable to work with daylight).
  • 7 preset modes in GameVisual settings.
  • Ability to save in the memory of the monitor up to 3 modes of settings.
  • Trace Free technology: increasing the response speed of the matrix (configurable in the monitor menu).

The disadvantages of the monitor include:

  • Weak built-in speakers (there is no need for them, especially in gaming monitors).
  • Limited viewing angles, which suffer from TN-matrix displays.
  • Preset colors out of the box. It is necessary to independently edit the color mode, contrast and other brightness settings.
  • 0.5ms response can only be obtained with ELMB technology, but it only works up to 120Hz.

The product is packed in a black box with a visual hint of belonging to the gaming industry. The cover highlights the main features and benefits of the monitor, as well as the functions it supports.

Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 2

Contents of delivery:

  1. Monitor.
  2. Adjustable stand.
  3. DisplayPort cable (required for 165Hz). I will emphasize this once again as an advantage, there is no need to purchase a cable separately. The bundled cable also inspires confidence.
  4. Power cable with adapter.
  5. Instruction and warranty.

Below is the complete contents of the box with the product:

Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 3
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 4
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 5
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 6

The mounting is very simple and convenient: the monitor leg is connected to the stand using a twisting mechanism that folds back and forth. The stand itself is very weighty, which does not allow the assembled monitor to move on the surface.

The monitor itself can be hung on a wall using a standard VESA mount (100 x 100). To do this, you need to remove the covers on the rear panel.

Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 9
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 15

Interfaces and connectors for connection, which are located at the rear bottom of the monitor:

  1. DVI-D
  2. HDMI (v 1.4)
  3. DisplayPort v 1.2
  4. Audio-in 3.5 mm jack (for audio output when connecting a monitor via DVI port)
  5. 3.5 mm headphone output
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 8

There is a removable cover (plug) on ​​the leg of the monitor in order to pass the wires. You can pass wires into this hole, visually hiding them with a cover.

Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 11

The monitor has a portrait mode that allows you to rotate the display left-right by 90 degrees. You can conveniently adjust the position of the screen: change the height and angle of inclination, rotate it left and right.

The manufacturer claims the following adjustment characteristics with the stand:

  1. Display tilt angle: up to 33 degrees.
  2. Portrait mode: 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. Height adjustment: up to 13 centimeters.
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 13

On the back, in the lower right part, there are: the power button, three control buttons and a joystick. Joystick is the best ASUS solution for navigating the settings menu. You can easily and quickly set the required indicators. In the previous monitor, in which there were only buttons, I did not learn how to quickly navigate the menu. I think every monitor owner has encountered this problem.

I pay special attention to the button that activates the GamePlus mode. With its help you can:

  1. Turn on the sight for shooters in the middle of the screen (six varieties). Perfect for those new to the gaming world.
  2. Set a timer. In case the oven is turned on during the game.
  3. Display the FPS counter without using third-party software.
  4. Perform the alignment of monitors, if there are several of them.
Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 14

When connecting to a computer for the first time, I recommend checking the settings. By default, the Nvidia control panel sets the frequency to 120 Hz, you need to change it to the 165 Hz we need, and also enable G-sync if the video card supports this functionality. Below are screenshots of the application settings:

Gaming Monitor Asus VG248QG Black, image 16

As a result, I will conclude: I got what I chose initially.

I was ready for the shortcomings of TN-matrices, but this monitor was originally positioned as a gaming monitor.

He has enough merit for his purposes. Fast response, high refresh rate allows you to enjoy fast-paced games, and features to reduce eye fatigue will allow you to spend more time playing your favorite game.

I can note not only the comfort in games, but also when watching movies / surfing the Internet for a long time. The fast refresh rate is good for everything. Even 75Hz looks sluggish after this monitor.

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