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Review on Beko RCNK270K20W Refrigerator

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Good day, dear readers! I want to tell you about the Beko RCNK270K20W refrigerator, which I relatively recently purchased in the online trade online store. My old refrigerator is technically outdated, in addition, after active use, it lost its presentable appearance and, after repairing the kitchen in my apartment, I also decided to purchase a new refrigerator. After a long study of the characteristics of refrigerators of various manufacturers in an inexpensive price segment, I opted for this model.

The delivery service of the online store delivered me a refrigerator even faster than I expected, I received it a day earlier than what was indicated in my order. The refrigerator was in a completely intact and dumb package.

Now I would like to consider the technical characteristics of the goods.

The refrigerator has the following dimensions:

  • Height – 171 cm;
  • Width – 54 cm;
  • Depth – 60 cm;
  • Weight – 55 kg.
Refrigerator Beko RCNK270K20W, image 1

The refrigerator has two chambers: a freezer and a refrigerator. The freezer is located below.

Consider the refrigerator compartment in more detail. Glass shelves inside the compartment are made of high-strength glass, they have multi-level adjustment. The boxes on the door are quite large; various bottles fit quietly into them. At the bottom of the refrigerator compartment is a box made of durable plastic for storing fruits and vegetables. The control of the refrigerator is quite simple – there is a division wheel on the ceiling of the refrigerator compartment, with which you can adjust the temperature in the chamber. It is very pleasing that in this model of the refrigerator, given its cost, there is a full feature No Frost.

Refrigerator Beko RCNK270K20W, image 2
Refrigerator Beko RCNK270K20W, image 3
Refrigerator Beko RCNK270K20W, image 4

Now let’s examine the freezer. There are three compartments with drawers in the freezer. According to the manufacturer, these offices are multifunctional and can be used to cool meat, fish, various processed foods, vegetables and fruits. Boxes in the freezer are made specially transparent so that you can see which products are in them without opening them.

Refrigerator Beko RCNK270K20W, image 5

The refrigerator works quite quietly, the technical passport of the refrigerator indicates that the noise level is 40 dB. Energy class A + is also pleased, as the manufacturer claims, it provides an annual energy consumption of 266.45 kW.

I also liked that the refrigerator does not have protruding handles, the models that have them often break off during operation, besides someone always clings to them.

Given the small size of the refrigerator, it is ideal for one person or a small family.

Refrigerator Beko RCNK270K20W, image 7

I am very pleased with my purchase and I hope that this refrigerator will last me a long time.

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