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Review on the Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator

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In this short review I want to share my first impression of the Bosch KGV36NW1AR refrigerator. This refrigerator was purchased in a renovated mother’s apartment. The selection of the required model was not difficult. I have been familiar with household appliances from the manufacturer for a long time and are not rumored. So I decided to trust Bosch this time. Having determined for himself the overall and technical characteristics, the choice was stopped on this model.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 1

The refrigerator comes in a sturdy and reliable foam packaging that keeps the overall design from mechanical damage.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 3

An important design aspect in selecting a refrigerator model was the lack of bulging handles on the doors. In Bosch KGV36NW1AR, the handles are recessed into the doors, which is a very convenient difference from other models.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 4

The refrigerator is relatively tall. Its height is 185 cm. It is endowed with two chambers, a refrigerator and a freezer. The volume of the refrigerator is 223 liters, and the freezer is 94 liters.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 5

The interior of the refrigerator is well organized. It consists of four tempered glass shelves and a plastic box for storing vegetables or any other products.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 6

On the doors are plastic shelves, which are made of durable, dense plastic.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 7

The freezer is endowed with three plastic boxes for storing freezing.

Bosch KGV36NW1AR Refrigerator, image 8

It is worth paying attention to one very important factor when buying not only this refrigerator, but also any other. An important issue remains transportation of the refrigerator to the place where it will stand. It just seems that the refrigerator is a large and heavy box that can be tilted as you like and carried as you like. All this is a big mistake. Our family really liked this refrigerator. And if you need a high-quality household appliance from a well-known manufacturer, then this refrigerator should be yours.

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