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Review on Electric Oven Electrolux EZB 52430 AX

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I present to you an electric oven from the legendary brand Electrolux, the model EZB 52430 AX is executed in black and silver colors, which makes it possible to fit it into almost any interior.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 2

The main characteristics of the model:

Oven volume57 litres
Energy classA
Power connection2725 Watts
Maximum temperature250 °C
Cooling Fan+
Oven cleaningenamel easy cleaning
Number of modes6
Microwave function
Microwave power
Grill power2450 Watts
Defrost program+
Child lock
Protective shutdown+
Type of managementswivel mechanism buttons
Flush Rotary Switches+
Thermal probe
Telescopic rails+
Oven doorfolding
Built-in dimensions
Built-in Width55.8 cm
Built-in height57 cm
Embed Depth54 cm
The weight28 kg
Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 3

Package Included:

  • Instruction
  • Baking sheet (1 pc)
  • Grill (1 pc)
Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 4
Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 5
Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 6
Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 7

The goods are pretty well assembled, no questions have arisen. It is mounted easily, installed in the standard dimensions of any modern kitchen. Personally, I installed this oven in the place where the oven from the DARINA manufacturer previously stood, everything fell into place without any problems.

And so we go directly to the impressions of this electric oven.

Aesthetically beautiful appearance, nice silver color, recessed rotary buttons, the oven is quite easy to use, the only thing where I had to read the instructions a bit is when setting the time.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 8

The presence of the display is quite a big plus, not all ovens can boast of this.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 9

From the front part of the oven, fasten with four screws that are included in the kit, the screws themselves are directly inserted into the plastic guides.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 10

On the left side there is a plate with the serial number and marking of the country of manufacture, as you can see it is Poland.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 11
Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 12

If you open the oven, then inside you can see the fan, which blows everything very evenly, and all the dishes are fried, baked from all sides.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 13

At the top is a heating element (Ten), fixed in the center with one single mount.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 14

There is only one baking sheet in the kit, many in the reviews attribute this to the minuses, but I do not think so.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 15

The oven is connected to an outlet, which in turn produces 220 Volts, it’s a pity that only the plug will have to be bought, since they were not put in the kit, I personally can attribute this to the minuses.

Who connects for the first time, do not confuse the YELLOW with the GREEN STRIP wire – grounding. Well, the power cord itself is still a little short 110 mm.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 16

And finally, here you have French fries from this oven.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX, photo 17

To summarize

I liked the Electrolux oven, note the affordable price of 275 USD, in other stores it cost much more, internet shop provided free delivery directly to the apartment, a lot thanks to them.

Of the minuses, I can note the lack of a plug in the kit, well, the first time you turn it on, of course, the smell is terrible (burnt plastic), you will have to wait an hour, since you need to empty the oven according to the instructions. Well, the last minus is a gift detergent for ovens, they did not give it to me, although I got a share.

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