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Review on washer Bosch WLL 24241

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Good day. Today in the review I will talk about the Bosch WLL 24241 washing machine.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 10

At my place, almost all Bosch equipment has been tested for years and time, so when choosing a washing machine without hesitation, I began to choose options for washing machines from this manufacturer.

The choice fell on this model for many reasons:

  • Cost. In the online store the washing machine cost me inexpensively.
  • Load of linen at 7 kg. With their dimensions of 60x45x85, not many washing machines boast such indicators. Basically, with such dimensions, the load is designed for 6 kg. However, there is one nuance that was discovered by me during operation: maximum load of 7 kg. It is designed for washing linen from cotton.
  • Energy class. I think this is a very important point for everyone. The characteristics of the Bosch WLL 24241 washing machine indicate the energy class A+++.
  • Water consumption for washing. The manufacturer claimed 42 liters. for washing.
  • The complete system of protection against leaks “AquaStop”
  • Noise level during washing. The machine, in fact, is almost inaudible during washing, especially with the bathroom door closed. The noise becomes stronger during the spin cycle, but I think that this is a feature of all washing machines.

Delivery of goods was carried out by the courier service. The washing machine was delivered free of charge, on time and without flaws. The machine was delivered well-packed from all sides. No chips or dents were found.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 2
Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 3
Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 1

The drain hose is only 1.5 meters, I had to buy a new one and increase it.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 5

As for the choice of washing modes, there are 15 types of them in this model. The program selection menu is simple, informative and will be clear even to a child.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 4

Most often I use the following modes:

  • cotton” – I wash bedding. Washing time 2 hours 50 minutes. Time can be shortened by selecting the optional Speed ​​mode, which is located on the display screen, which will reduce the time by half. Wash out for 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • shirts / blouses” – washing time 1 hour 5 minutes,
  • jeans” – washing time 1 hour 16 minutes.
  • mixed laundry” – 1 hour.

The display on the washing machine is bright and clear, the touch control buttons clearly respond.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 6

The tray for washing powder is standard.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 7

The drum in the washing machine is capacious and roomy.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 8

The opening angle of the hatch door is 165°, which easily allows loading and unloading of laundry.

Washer Bosch WLL 24241, photo 9

An important point: when washing clothes, and especially during the spin cycle, the machine stands as “poured”. He doesn’t jump and jump anywhere, just adjust the legs.

In conclusion, I want to say that the machine is worth the money! Assembled washing machine quality without gaps and backlashes. It looks stylish and beautiful, it does an excellent job with the washing function, it launders well, there are many programs for all types of fabrics, it is quiet and economical.

Good thing! I recommend to buy. During the operation, I did not regret that I bought it.

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