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Review on fan Thermalright TY-147B

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Thermalright is well known for its tower coolers. Effective models from this company are in most productive systems of enthusiasts.

The fan has the following characteristics:

  • The size of the cooler is 140x140x27 mm;
  • Rotation speed of its blades is 300-1300 rpm;
  • 4-pin PWM control available.

The fan power wire is reliably protected from mechanical influences by a strong braid.

The fan with the Thermalright TY-147B index received a stylish black and white color with the familiar rounded rectangle features from Thermalright.

Thermalright TY-147B fan, image 3

Separately, it can be said about the package bundle that it includes a paper box with plastic packaging inside of which the fan itself is carefully stored with fixing screws and rubber inserts (optional) in the amount of 4 pcs of each type. Additionally, you can find 3 options for the “wire” for problem-free fan management in the case or processor heat sink almost anywhere in the system unit.

Thermalright TY-147B fan, image 4

The device’s durability and maximum silent operation are guaranteed by the hydrodynamic plain bearing (FDB)

Thermalright TY-147B fan, image 2

This type of fan is perfect for a series of coolers for almost the entire Thermalright series, where 140mm fans are pressed together individually or in pairs.

Fan motor with PWM speed control from 300 to 1300 RPM. The fan is very quiet due to the use of Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB).

Due to PWM, maximum cooling system performance is achieved while maintaining relative overall silence.

Thermalright TY-147B fan, image 5

Installing this model does not represent any difficulties at all. This happens by means of centering on the killer and fixing it with special brackets. Installation by means of a twisted cable from a kit or rubber inserts is also possible.


This model can be recommended with confidence for installation in systems of both initial and professional levels. The only drawback of the fan can be its overall size, which on the other hand is an indisputable plus. Even with constant PC operation, the fan will perform cooling efficiently.

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