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Overview on Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2 Case

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Hello everyone.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 2

In this review I will tell you about the long and careful selection and selection of a case for your computer hardware.

There would be nothing, but I bought an Asus ROG STRIX Vega 56 video card and didn’t take into account the size of this giant at all, in every sense of the word, as a result, the video card didn’t fit into my Aero Cool case, which served me faithfully and I was happy with the principle. But in view of the fact that I also have a working PC, but you would know in which case it is installed, you look at it and there are tears, but nevertheless there are installed quite productive pieces of iron, so I decided that it wasn’t possible. I decided that at work I would replace the case of the system unit with a home one, but I’ll buy myself something that will please the eye, but for an adequate amount.

In principle, this Cheftec case came across by chance, I honestly didn’t even know what they were doing in the production of cases, at first I chose between such models as: Matrexx 55 and Zalman Z7 NEO. But by chance on the network I came across a review of this model from Cheftec. As a result, having studied all 3 models more carefully, I came to the conclusion that the most successful option among all three is the Cheftec GL-02B (Scorpion 2) model. All 3 models are made on the same patterns i.e. this is a good metal case, complete turntables, tempered glass, size. But it was Cheftec GL-02B (Scorpion 2) that turned out to be the best, since, unlike its competitors, it first has 4 turntables instead of 3 for the Matrex 55.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 3

Considering that the cost of all 3 models was the same at the time of purchase, I nevertheless made my choice in favor of the Cheftec GL-02B (Scorpion), because it had the best characteristics among all three. I repeat, the models I have indicated as competitors are also pretty good, but in my personal opinion the Cheftec GL-02B (Scorpion 2) is still the best choice.

Joyful and cheerful, having taken the box with the case, I rode home and naturally the first thing I started to check was what a wonderful miracle came to me, actually the first impression was extremely pleasant. Quality at the highest level, as well as an extremely attractive strict appearance with tinted tempered glass. In principle, I was sure for Cheftec, since I’ve been using the purchased PSU of this brand for 10 years now, although the model was the top solution at the time of purchase, but nevertheless the quality made me very happy.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 4

Having disassembled the entire kit, I started assembling, I assembled quite a lot of computers, but it was much more pleasant to assemble a computer with this case, since the case was spacious and thoughtful, the ATX format board was installed easily, the HDD and SSD were installed in special skids that very cool especially for an HDD drive. I also want to note that the complete fans have rubber mounts, which, as you understand, will not let them vibrate and make unpleasant sounds over time. Cable management will be a great pleasure for the collector or for those collectors who can enjoy such things. The quality of the metal is quite dense, the metal does not bend like on inexpensive cases, of course, if you make some efforts, then this case can be crushed, but this also applies to cases for 10-15 thousand. Also in this case, it is possible to install 2 additional turntables on top for better blowing of the case, this moment is extremely important if you will use the case with a closed side cover. I removed the extra 2 turntables from my old case, and so I probably screwed them to the complete set.

As for the fans themselves that come with the kit, I want to remind them here of 4 pieces, firstly they have 4 speeds, from completely noisy to quite loud 4 speeds. Fans have many variations of the backlight and the operating modes of this backlight. It’s also nice that the fans in the mountings have rubberized inserts to dampen vibrations. After assembling the case, I naturally began to test for temperature conditions.

My system is Intel Core i7-8700 and the video card is a rather hot thing Vega 56 stitched in Vega 64 and overclocked, after tests in games, the temperatures were extremely good, I remind you that the case is closed with a side cover. So I was extremely glad that the system turned out to be quiet and very beautiful.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 5

As for the tempered glass, it is quite strong, I managed to test it while assembling, the cat dropped the lid a couple of times, well, my not quite straight arms arranged another 1 test during installation. I also want to remind you that the glass has a tint, which, when the RGB fans work, gives a very cool color.

I also want to note that in the place of mounting the video card on the back side on many cases you have to break off metal plugs. Here we have bolted fasteners. So all of a sudden, if you decide to sell your case later, you will return the plug back and your case will be as good as new, unless of course something else happens to it – be it a disaster.

In the place where the power supply is installed, there is a compartment where you can hide all the extra wires that do not fit behind the side cover, also due to a well-thought-out moment, the power supply is hidden behind a separate tin box, but has rubberized outputs for wires on the video card on top, in general it will turn out collect everything very carefully and hide all the extra wires.

In the kit there are all the necessary bolts and plugs, there are even flagella for the cable management, of course the remote control and instructions.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 6

I would also like to note that there are such convenient magnetic grids at the top and bottom, under the power supply and closer to the main panel, so if they become clogged they are very easily removed and cleaned, the fraction is quite small, so if you are an amateur, for example, click the seeds above the case then there’s nothing to worry about, the net will defend!

In general, having assembled the entire system, I was happy as a child, although I killed quite a lot of time for it, but after switching on it was directly a childish delight. Especially in the dark . Also for the new year, you can use this system case as a Christmas tree.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 8

I think that for this money this is an ideal option, because I studied the market quite thoroughly according to many criteria and for the sane money that can be spent on a computer case this is the best option for all the characteristics, because it has the same qualities as more expensive cases for 7-10 thousand, in them you can additionally get it, for example, the white color of the case, more different illumination, well, and the ability to install eATX format boards, but there are not very many of them, or rather there are very few of them. Well, another case for 10 thousand will have much larger dimensions, which is an extremely controversial advantage.

So let’s now summarize and list all the pros and try to find the cons.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 9


  • Appearance, this case looks much more expensive in relation to competitors and price;
  • Tempered glass (tinted, strong already checked, by accident) on the front panel and side wall;
  • Convenient installation of components, everything will fit, for lovers of cable management it is;
  • 4 RGB fans with various settings for backlight and power modes;
  • Remote control for backlight and power turntables;
  • Ability to install 2 more turntables on top of blowing;
  • The brand, in addition to jokes during unpacking and the first and subsequent inspection, it is felt that the product is of high quality;
  • Metal of good quality does not bend unless strongly zealous;
  • Good airflow and, as a result, good temperatures even in a closed case due to perforation in the front panel;
  • Pleasing to the eye, in the new year will replace picea.


  • There is no way to install eATX motherboards (extremely controversial flaw)
Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 10

As a result, in my opinion, this building can be safely recommended for lovers of quality and beautiful things. But again, the options in the price segment more expensive will differ only in size and factor eATX motherboard, which for ordinary users is not much needed, although there will probably be more and more different illumination if it is important, for me so in this case observed such an average effect and not too much and enough to make the eye rejoice.

In general, friends, thank you for your attention, I recommend this purchase for this Cheftec GL-02B (Scorpion 2) case.

Chieftec GL-02B Scorpion 2, image 11

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