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Review on PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black Case

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Hello future buyers! I present to you a review of the PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black case purchased in online shop.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 23

Digression : I needed a good, beautiful case with backlight, a tempered glass window, for an E-ATX format board that can fit inside without blocking important cable holes. And also the presence of the front panel, on which there is USB 3.0 and Type-C. The choice fell on the brand PHANTEKS. First of all, I was attracted by its strict appearance. The classic color is black, the front and top panels have openings on both sides for blowing the case. The second reason is the presence of a new addressable RGB backlight, which runs in very beautiful lines both inside and outside the case. The third reason, it is important when you purchase such a product – it is its modularity for ease of installation, PHANTEKS are not blundered here, the ability to unscrew almost everything is present.

Let’s get acquainted in detail with the characteristics of Enthoo 719

  1. Case dimensions: 240 mm x 570 mm x 595 mm (W x H x D), (9.45 x 22.6 x 23.6 inches)
  2. Weight: 14.3 kg
  3. Form Factor: Full Tower Chassis
  4. Motherboard support: ATX, EATX, uATX, mini ITX, SSI EEB (The ability to install two boards simultaneously)
  5. Connectors on the front panel: 1x USB 3.1 Type-C gen2, 4x USB 3.0, microphone, headphones
  6. Buttons on the front panel: Resrt, Power, D-RGB Mode, D-RGB Color
  7. Availability of window: yes, tempered glass
  8. Installation of disks: under SSD 11 vertically, under HDD 12 horizontally.
  9. Fan placement: top 3pcs 140×140 or 120×120, with a blank side panel 3pcs. 120×120, bottom 2pcs. 120×120 + 1pcs. 140×140, rear 1pc 140×140, with front. 3 pcs. 140×140 or 4pcs. 120×120
  10. FAN HUB board for connecting 3-pin 3pcs and 4-pin 5pcs fans
  11. The ability to place a 3-slot video card vertically
  12. The height of the CPU cooler is up to 195mm, the length of the graphic card is up to 503mm, the motherboard is up to 340mm wide.
  13. Installation of a cooling radiator: (LxW) on the front 480x120mm and 420x140mm, top 360x120mm, rear 140x140mm, inside the case to the blank wall 480x140mm, bottom 360x120mm.

Let’s move on to the review : The case is packed in a standard, well-fastened box, repelled by a construction stapler. Inside is the case itself in a black bag-bag, which is protected by thick elastic inserts with cardboard.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 1

Separate box with accessories inside of which:

  1. 4pcs HDD mounts with anti-vibration rings (to install a larger number, you will need to purchase)
  2. A second cover for installing a second system.
  3. GPU Vertical Part Plastic
  4. Case with a lot of details
  5. Color Installation Guide
  6. PHANTEKS Brand Badge
  7. Video Sagging Bracket
  8. Slots for PCI slots and black ties
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 2

The FAN HUB will be attached to the case itself, I removed it as unnecessary. It is powered from the power supply via SATA. And it is connected to the motherboard with a 4-pin cable.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 3

I placed the PHANTEKS icon on the front side

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 4

Let’s move on to the case itself:

Pay attention to the look. The case is very tall, with a height above half a meter. Computer hardware looks great in the case, and thanks to the black bezel on the glass, the effect on the face. The backlight has 12 modes with the Asus AURA application , you can customize it very finely, according to your needs. The glass door can be tilted or completely removed from the hinges. It closes simply by entering a groove, and around the window the case is upholstered with soundproof soft material.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 13
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 14
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 16
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 17

Assembly of iron in the housing is made as easy as possible. The stub for SSD is removed without any problems, the HDD is fixed in the carriages, hung on the bracket and tightened with screws. The material and parts are of high quality, the paint does not peel off. The location of the power supply is vertically from the bottom (a good solution), while the fan blows air through the side panel to which the dust filter is attached. Another one on the right (look at the photo), after installing fans or a radiator or HDD, organizes the blowing of this area.

What else is interesting here? CPU cooling hole. Two wide rubberized holes for laying the main cables. Cover to hide the main bundle of cables. Bundles for beautiful laying of wires. A large number of additional mounting holes. 3 SSD carriages that will be visible through a glass window on the back wall.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 9
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 18

Even more details : The upper and front panels are made of plastic fasteners with aluminum sheets. I think the solution is not the most successful, it looks catchy, made to blow or blow air, but there is no question of noise isolation. Dust filters with magnets are installed in every place that is blown (from above, from the front panel, from below, and on the side blind wall).

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 10
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 11
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 19
PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 12

To connect the fans from below, a removable tray is provided, it is unscrewed from one screw. Further installation is very convenient.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 20

The control unit is hidden on the front panel, it looks like this:

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 21

The bracket in the kit helped prevent sagging of the heavy 3-slot video card. Installation: install the video card in the PCIe slot (do not twist the screws), lift it and hold it with one hand (the place of sagging), substitute the bracket and tighten it with two screws (you will feel the video card stop bending), then tighten the remaining screws on the front side.

PHANTEKS Enthoo 719 Black, image 22

Now let’s talk about the cons:

  1. Personally, I think that the body lacks sound insulation. If you use HDD 3.5 in it, the noise emitted by it will be heard, depending on the instance . It is not strong, and as a rule at night if the HDD is not used (the system is not installed on it), it “sleeps”. I put up with it.
  2. The upper and front panels are partially made of plastic – namely fasteners to an aluminum board. It is quite wide. It was possible to make holes 2 times thinner, discard the plastic from the outside, and skip the plastic mount only from the inside. The case would weigh more, the noise would become less. And a large number of plastic in the construction promises that standing on the surface – wood, laminate, as a result: under the influence of high temperatures, the plastic expands and you can hear the sound made by it.
  3. It would be worthwhile to draw an RGB address tape from the side of the window, because if you put it in the window as in the photo, most of the tape outside the case will not be visible.


Despite the disadvantages listed above, PHANTEKS managed to make a classy case that would satisfy almost any consumer who did not stint to pay such a price. It provides for the installation of almost any iron, it is made as convenient and beautiful as possible. The product warranty is as long as 5 years, this is a good period, in case of malfunctions the company will service it. The thoughtfulness and quality of every detail amazed me. I was satisfied during the assembly studying the product and its contents. From myself I want to wish the company further development and new technological progressions among their buildings.

I hope that the review will be useful or interesting. Thank you for reading to the end. Have a nice shopping!

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