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Review on LG 32LJ500V TV

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Hello. Today I present to you a review of the LCD TV LG 32LJ500V.

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So, the TV was purchased for parents, in whose house the size of the niche between the cabinets fit only the diagonal size of 32 inches. In the apartment itself there are 3 LG TVs , the picture quality is very like, so there was no doubt in choosing a brand. The requirements were a screen with Full HD resolution, the ability to read USB flash drives to view photos and videos, without any additional options (Smart, Wi-Fi, etc.) and mandatory support for DVB-T2, given the transition from analog to digital television. This model met all these requirements.

The TV is delivered in a branded cardboard box of white color, size 81x50x14 cm, with slots-handles on the sides for carrying, indicating the front and back surfaces of the TV (Front / Back), its weight with a box is about 5 kg. In the box, the TV itself is packed in a plastic bag and placed in foam stoppers, which prevents any damage during transportation. The package includes: TV, 2 support legs, remote control, power cord, 2 AAA batteries, manual, 2 screws for fixing the legs, warranty card.

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Brief technical characteristics: energy efficiency class A, power consumption with 40 W switched on, 0.5 W standby time, annual power consumption 58 kW*h. Display type – LCD, FullHD 1920×1080 resolution, Direct backlight type. Image Enhancement Index (PMI) 200. 50Hz refresh rate. Audio output power 10 W. Supported audio codecs AC3, EAC3, NEAAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, RA, WMA. Support 33 languages. Reception of digital TV DVB-T2/C/S2, support for HbbTV, support for cable TV CI + 1.3, teletext 2000 pages. Missing Smart TV, Wi-Fi module, support for 3D, HDR.

Here is the hero of the review.

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The TV has a presentable appearance. Its length is 72.8 cm, the height with legs 47.5 cm, the height of the screen itself is 43 cm, the maximum thickness of the TV case is 8 cm (bottom) and 7 cm above, with legs 18.2 cm. Weight slightly less than 5 kg. The frame around the screen is glossy, black, 1 cm wide on the sides and top, and 1.6 cm below, in the center of which is the LG logo in white. From the factory glued with a protective film. The screen itself is also glossy, so it is better if the TV is in a niche, closed on the sides of the light to avoid glare. The assembly is quite high quality, there are no large gaps, there are no backlashes. The following connectors are located on the rear surface: on the left – for the power cord in a separate niche, on the right – HDMI, audio-video outputs for connecting various devices, a connector for connecting an on-air antenna and a second lnb satellite in for a satellite antenna, also on the right, but on the side surface there is another HDMI, USB 2.0, CI + module. Most modern photo and video formats are supported, you can safely view them directly from a USB-drive. In the center of the rear surface there are 4 threaded holes for mounting the wall bracket, standard VESA 100×100 mm. The power cable has a length of about 155cm, with an angular shape of the plug and plug connected to the TV. The legs are screwed to the case with the screws that come with the kit (one for each), a Phillips screwdriver, are marked “R” and “L”, the corresponding marking is on the TV, so there will be no difficulties when installing, especially since the mounting platform for the TV is made so that there are 2 cylindrical protrusions on it, inserted into the corresponding recesses on the TV case and an additional hook-shaped protrusion that fits into the groove on the TV case. On the base of the legs, front and rear there are anti-slip round rubber pads with a diameter of 1 cm with a ribbed surface. The TV on them is quite stable.

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The TV is turned on by the button located on the right on the lower surface of the housing in the window area for receiving infrared rays from the control panel, the red LED in the standby mode also lights up there. This is the only button on the case, all other functions (volume, channel switching, etc.) are carried out only by the remote control. He noted full compatibility with other remotes of the LG brand. After switching on through the menu standard for TVs of this brand, the language, country of location, channels, etc. are configured. The colors are moderately rich, vibrant, contrast, sharpness level. The sound source is 2 speakers of 5 W each, located on the lower surface of the case on the sides. Before buying, I doubted whether the volume would be sufficient for such power, but I realized that it was in vain. The sound is quite decent in volume even at medium power, therefore, for a small room it will be enough. Channel switching occurs with a delay of about 2-3 seconds.

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The remote control is convenient, size 17×4.5×2 cm with easily pressed rubber buttons, 2 AAA 1.5V batteries are used for power.

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In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, my parents also like it, in terms of price and quality, I think it’s a great purchase. Let’s hope it lasts for many years. That’s all. All the best and happy shopping!

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