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Review on Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W ATX

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Hello. After 2 months of using this power supply, I decided to write a review about it.

Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 1
Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 2

The power supply comes in a cardboard box. There is nothing remarkable on it, general characteristics. The red inscription “230V only” may catch your eye and this is very interesting.

Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 4

The contents of the box look something like the photo above (in reality, everything is much neater, just I tried to recreate the picture two months ago). The module is semi-modular: 24pin to the motherboard and 8pin (4 + 4) to the processor are not disconnected, but the remaining cables can be detached, which is very convenient, given the budget of this power supply. A set of cables for the PSU: 24pin to the motherboard, 8 (4 + 4) pin – the processor, 2 – (6 + 2) to the video card, 2 to 2 molex, 3 to 3 sata. In general, we have a standard set.

Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 5
Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 6

The fan is very quiet. Now I’m changing the case, I’ve sold the old one, and the new one will be only in a couple of days, so now everything is right on the table. Under load is not heard at all. True, a slide bearing is installed in it, which over time can cause trouble, given that the PSU is in a fairly dusty environment. For 4k it was possible to put on the hydrodynamic.

Outwardly, everything is standard. On / off switch on the back, cables are connected on the front, there is no backlight.

Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 7
Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 8
Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 9

Interestingly, this power supply does not have 80plus certificates, but its efficiency according to the European standard (230 V) is comparable with the 80 Bronze certificate. That is, the Chieftec company dropped the prices for this PSU not due to the deterioration of the element base, but due to the fact that there is no support for 130 V standards, which is very cool. By the way, the cables are long, the old Zalman Z7 Neo ATX case is more than enough.

There is one minus for me – this is a cable to the video card. First, why are the plugs themselves RED? Secondly, the braid is not completely, and through the window in the case you see this rainbow from the wires. Well then, guys from Chieftec?

Power Supply Chieftec CTG-650C 650W, photo 10

Okay, this is all nitpicking. In fact, the power supply is excellent, for $64 just a gift. Let’s see how a fan behaves, which is not credible.

The review is translated into english, the original review can be found on the source site.

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