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Review on SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 3D NAND TLC

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Recently I had a need for a larger and faster data storage on my computer. At the same time, I decided to get rid of ssd disks with the sata 3 interface, to which I need to connect additional power and loops. In general, I decided to get rid of unnecessary cables and loops in my computer. And the less any cables, the better the purging of the case. I have two Ultra-Fast M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 slots on my system board. Therefore, I decided to immediately install large ssd. Previously, these sockets were occupied by ssd 250 and 480 gigabytes, a 480 gigabyte drive was not one of the fastest, with read speeds of up to 1,500 Mb/s.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 1
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image2

The drive is located in a plastic box, the drive comes with a mounting screw, most motherboards with M.2 already have screws.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 3

On the reverse side, nothing is soldered.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 4

Comparing prices and studying the characteristics, I came to the conclusion that the Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus drive is 1.0 TB. The PCIe 3.0 x4 w/NVMe 3D NAND TLC is an excellent choice. Disks of the same volume, with approximately the same speeds, are twice as expensive. This one ssd with a capacity of more than two previously installed and also faster. And most importantly, there is one more connector for installing another disk. Perhaps I’ll buy the same one for the second connector, because for this price I couldn’t find a better drive. Yes, and how many ssd from Plextor I did not have, everything works fine, even after the end of the warranty. The company has established itself well for a long time. The characteristics of the disk are excellent, the read speed is up to 3400 Mb/s, the write speed is up to 2200 Mb/s. Random read speed up to 340,000 iops, write speed up to 320,000 iops.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 16
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 17

The mean time between failures is 1,500,000 hours. Memory chips installed by TOSHIBA BiCS4 3D TLC. On a model with a size of 1 TB. guaranteed resource for recordings of 640 TB. The basic warranty is 5 years. A well-established Marvell 88SS1092 controller has been installed for a long time.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 5
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 6
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 7
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 8

Installation is quick. After conducting tests for writing and reading, I saw full compliance with the stated speeds. I got a drive with firmware 1.01. Having visited the Plextor website, I went to the download section and saw an updated version of firmware 1.02. I downloaded and installed it easily, I updated everything in version 1.02. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the size of the disk when downloading firmware. Choose your disk size.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 15

Also in the downloads you can download data tables of different disks of this series. There is also a useful program that backs up your data before updating. But she didn’t come in handy for me. When operating a disk, temperatures are quite acceptable. Under load, I did not see temperatures above 40 degrees, but someone may have more. It’s just that a side fan with a strong air flow blows directly to the disk. There are also models of this particular disk with cooling radiators. But I have a well-blown body and I decided to buy a regular one. For enclosures with standard airflow, a radiator version may be required. The instructions say that the permissible temperature during operation is 70 degrees, but I think 70 is already a bit too much.

SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 9
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 10
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 11
SSD Plextor M.2 2280 M9PY Plus 1.0 TB, image 12

The disk has an SLC cache, so recording is very fast, when recording very large volumes, about 60 gigabytes, the speed drops, but remains at an acceptable level of ordinary ssd with sata 3 interface, about 500-550 megabytes. I almost never move huge files at 60 gigabytes, so the speed suits me perfectly. Files of the same type, 20-30 gigabytes in size, are transferred in seconds. The operating system itself is loaded in a few seconds, then nothing new happened for me. Previously, under the system there was a disk with the same read speed, but 250 gigabytes. But this disk is better because it is now possible to allocate a larger volume for the system, and not try to get to a minimum. Indeed, for normal operation, at least 10 gigabytes of free space must remain on drive C. Yes, and drive D should not be clogged to the end. It turns out that the disk is 250 megabytes, not so much can be written. Moreover, its size is determined to be less than 250 megabytes, due to spare sectors. It is worth noting that the manufacturer positions its disk as a gaming one, of course, it is also perfectly suitable for any demanding tasks. There is practically no difference in loading games with sata 3 interface disks, but I think that in upcoming games with a large open world, disks with high read speeds will not be replaceable.

The M9PY Plus disc was released recently, despite this I decided to buy it because I already know about the quality of Plextor from my own experience, and the controller is already well-established. I recommend it to everyone for purchase, because one M.2 large-capacity drive is better than many SATA 3 drives, with cables and cables for them. I am very pleased with the purchase, I did not find any cons on this drive. 

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