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Review on Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White

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Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 1

Phone from a well-known South Korean brand with a worldwide reputation. The smartphone is in the middle price range, but with pretty good characteristics, starting from the processor, battery, camera, display and ending with a very good build.


The smartphone is packed in a box of white and very durable cardboard, which is probably impossible to just hurt. At least the packaging certainly deserves respect. On the facade there is a colorful image of the smartphone itself with the designation of its model. On the back side, brief information about its characteristics. An interesting fact is that there is no country of manufacture on the packaging itself. Previously, Samsung always indicated the country of assembly on the packaging. Now, for some reason, such information is missing. The second strange fact about the country in which the smartphone is made. This is the third smartphone in our family, the first two I bought for myself and my wife. And then the daughter said that she liked him and also wants one. So I have a Samsung A70 of black color, my wife is blue, my daughter bought white. So my wife and my smartphones are made in Vietnam, and it’s written on white, that it is made in india. I had never heard before that Samsung assembled its smartphones in India. Anyway. At least they do not differ in anything, neither in build quality, nor in equipment. By the way, information about the country of origin is written on a paper label pasted on the back of the smartphone. Let’s hope that the country of origin does not affect the quality of the smartphone itself.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 2


The package bundle is not bad, except for a smartphone, charger and cable, the manufacturer also put a headset.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 4
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 6
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 5
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 8

In principle, few people use complete headsets at all, but at least let it be what it is not. Moreover, it is of very good quality. By the way, with the headset there is also a jamb of the manufacturer. If earlier Samsung put the headset in the kit, then additional ear cushions went to it without fail. So there are no spare ear pads. Apparently, they were initially set to some average size, but still they will not suit everyone, everyone’s ears are different. Of course, the manufacturer’s approach is strange, especially since the additional ear cushions are just a penny, and of course they would not affect the total cost. Well, as they say, that is, that is.

It’s a pity that the simplest case is missing in the kit, but Samsung, in my opinion, has never equipped its smartphones with cases.

The only drawback I wanted to pay attention to was the lack of an adapter from type-C to USB. In this case, the consumer is faced with the problem of connecting a smartphone to a computer, since few people have a type-C connector in a computer or laptop. And this cable in the kit turns out that there is not, since the complete cable has type-C at both ends. I do not think that the adapter would somehow fundamentally affect the final cost of the smartphone, but the manufacturer decided in his own way, let the buyer buy the rest separately. Fortunately, the manufacturer did not reduce the cost of the charger and put fast charging at 25 watts into the box. At least thanks a lot for that.


The workmanship is excellent, in principle, Samsung does not often have complaints about the quality of its products. Extraneous creaks and backlashes are absent. There are no unpleasant odors from the plastic of which the smartphone is made. The smartphone feels a monolithic piece, despite its rather large size.


According to the manufacturer, the case is made of plastic, but in my opinion this does not affect it in any way, or maybe even better. In any case, in the event of unforeseen situations (falls), it is better that the back is plastic, as there is less chance that it will be damaged. The plastic used is multilayer, which ultimately gives the body an interesting effect when light hits it. He begins to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. An interesting decision, in any case, will appeal to the younger generation. Fingerprints on the back surface are collected as quickly as on glass. And it is also necessary to take into account the fact that if you carry the phone without a case, the back surface is quickly covered with small scratches.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 10
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 11
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 12
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 13
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 14

Phone dimensions

Despite the fact that the display is quite impressive in size, the phone is not felt by any giant in the hand. And in general, due to the fact that it is well balanced, the weight of 180 grams is not particularly felt.


The display is not bad. The colors are bright and quite saturated, and this is a feature of amoled-screens. A resolution of 2400 to 1080 is more than sufficient. At least with the naked eye, pixels are indistinguishable. The only drawback of the display is the appearance of small greenish tones with large turns left and right and up and down. And here there is an interesting feature, considering the displays of three identical phones I can say that this shade on them manifests itself in different ways. On one smartphone it is brighter, on the other it is already less noticeable. But in any case, this does not bother, because you look at the display anyway, not at angles.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 15
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 16

SIM card tray

The tray is full, that is, you can simultaneously install two SIM cards and a memory card at once. And it is good that in this case, the manufacturer did not save on the universal tray.

Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) 128Gb White, image 17

Communication modules

With wireless modules, everything is fine. Everything works fine, no problems have been noticed with any during operation.


The speakers in my opinion are just great. The conversation transmits speech simply perfectly, the volume margin is more than enough, even when talking in noisy places (metro, street). The multimedia speaker is also not bad. Of course there is no bass in it, but it sounds great, and does not wheeze at maximum values. The volume margin is also more than enough, at least there were no problems with the fact that I did not hear the phone in my pocket. The vibromotor is above average in strength.

Fingerprint sensor

The sensor is built into the display and it was slightly liked during operation. Firstly, it works more slowly and the number of failures is higher than that of a physical sensor. Personally, my opinion would be better to leave the sensor on the rear surface than embed it in the display.


The battery is quite powerful. Operating time depends, of course, on the load on the phone. In my case, a full charge lasts for two days, but I can say right away that I don’t play games, mainly surfing the Internet (checking mail, social networks, etc.). In any case, the battery cannot be discharged per day, unless of course playing games.


The cameras are shot well and, in principle, I probably can’t say anything more. I liked the quality of macro shooting, very good.


  • Very high quality build;
  • Good phone balancing;
  • Capacious battery;
  • Balanced power consumption.


  • Lack of spare ear pads to the headset;
  • The lack of an adapter for connecting a smartphone to a computer;
  • The high price.

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