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Review on SSD Maxtor Z1 (Seagate) 2.5″ 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001)

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Good day, dear readers. I bring to your attention a small review on the SSD MAXTOR Z1 (SEAGATE) 2.5 “240GB SATA-III TLC (YA240VC1A001) .

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 1

The Maxtor trademark dates back to 1983, when several IBM enthusiasts went on a “free swim” with the goal of starting production of the latest devices – hard drives. In the future, the history of the company was not easy, there were ups and downs, but by 2003 the state of the company turned out to be so complicated that the shareholders preferred to sell the entire production and intellectual property to the monster of the hard drive market – Seagate – for the best. Since then, there have been no rumors or ghosts about Maxtor-branded hard drives until … until someone at Seagate thought aloud: why don’t we organize the production of low-cost solid-state drives, and not under the parent brand (like why wouldn’t it happen!), and under some not too forgotten by potential buyers? No sooner said than done,

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 2

It should be noted that the platform used in this device (controller + memory) has been extremely popular for over a year now – the mass of devices has a completely similar design (which is explained by the fact that they were all made by the controller’s development company itself, and sellers can only stick their own labels). I will give only a short list of 100% identical devices in the filling: Smartbuy Revival 3, Toshiba TR200, Gigabyte SSD, Goodram CX300, Goodram CX400, Patriot Burst … and this is just what I remembered, what is called, “with a run”.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 3

This all means in practice that the performance of all these devices is approximately the same – differences in performance (read/write speeds) will be exclusively within the margin of error, and the guarantee for all “blood brothers” is the same – three years.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 4

That is why, I believe, any fears or prejudices regarding this device are absolutely groundless – millions of absolutely similar devices have been marching around the world for months (or even years).

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 5

Like all brothers, the device case is plastic.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 6

With a minimum of useful information on the label.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 7

Much more benefit can be derived programmatically. The performance of the drives on this controller in tests is usually quite decent. The write speed on the compressed data is slightly less than 500 megabytes per second in the test that is the easiest for the drive, but with compressed data the situation is slightly worse, but very slightly.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 10

Even here an integrated performance rating – in 1109 “parrots” shows that the Maxtor Z1 drive is quite good even among its counterparts on an identical platform, and even better than weaker devices.

The parent company has specialized software for monitoring the status and maintenance of solid state drives and this software is great at seeing the Maxtor Z1 drive.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 11

This software has a curious function – setting the capacity of the drive available for use. You can compromise the capacity in favor of increasing the reserve of memory cells and thereby increasing the life of the drive.

SSD Maxtor Z1 240GB SATA3 TLC (YA240VC1A001), image 12

The bottom line is a pretty good solid-state drive for a brand that has left the market for a long time. Suitable for nostalgic or just trusting Seagate brand more than, for example, Smartbuy. Although in fact they have the same thing inside.

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