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Review on smartphone Realme C2 2/16GB blue diamond

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Hello. Today in my review I will talk about the Realme C2 smartphone, which was purchased for use primarily as a means of communication and regular surfing on the Internet.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 13

Judging by the price, it is immediately clear that this smartphone model is quite budgetary, but at its low cost it has a number of distinctive properties and technical characteristics in comparison with its counterparts in the same price category.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 14

Frankly, I already have a smartphone from this brand, namely Realme 3, and it suits me perfectly with its quality and sufficient functionality. Of course, there are some disadvantages in it, but for me they are not significant.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 15

The idea to buy Realme C2 visited me immediately as soon as the old smartphone was irretrievably broken in my family at one of its representatives.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 16

This model primarily attracted me with its rather stylish design of the case and back cover. Although the back cover is made of plastic, it has a very interesting design. All the plastic of the back cover is made using a fine surface texture, this solution allowed the smartphone not to slip out of hand when using it. Also, the cover pattern is made in the form of many broken lines randomly located on the surface, which at a certain angle creates the appearance of the original 3D pattern. So far, I have not seen such interesting decisions on the execution of the back cover of a smartphone.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 17
Smartphone Realme C2, image 18

Realme C2 has the latest Android 9 system installed. The most interesting thing for me in this smartphone is its proprietary shell, which has a large number of various settings that allow you to configure each application individually. Each application can be assigned its own sound alert, power consumption mode and much more. First of all, I deleted some applications from Google which, in my opinion, are unnecessary and constantly slow down the entire smartphone system.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 19

The buttons for controlling the functionality of the smartphone have a touch design, but due to the shell, you can easily adjust the location of these buttons, which in my case turned out to be very convenient since I hold the smartphone in my left hand.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 20

It is very convenient that in Realme C2 there is a large slot for sim cards in which, in addition to two sim cards, you can also install an SD memory card, which greatly expands the functionality of the smartphone by increasing its memory.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 21
Smartphone Realme C2, image 22

Since Realme C2 is a budget device, the work of sim cards in it can only be alternating, although for me personally this is not a drawback.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 23

Just below the slot for sim cards are two separate buttons that allow you to adjust the volume. The left arrangement of these buttons in my case also turned out to be more convenient than the right as it happens in other smartphones.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 24

With a sufficiently large battery power, this smartphone has a fairly small weight. The Realme C2 has a modern battery that does not require regular discharge.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 25

The Realme C2 screen has a rather large diagonal, but at the same time the smartphone has a very compact size. On all edges of the case, the device screen has a very small frame, but at the bottom the frame is quite wide. Not a high resolution screen allows you to consume much less battery power and thereby extends its autonomy. Many may say that a small screen resolution significantly affects the quality of the picture, but as a rule, devices with such a screen quite well convey the entire palette and clarity of the video signal. The Realme C2 screen is protected by scratch-resistant glass, and from the factory a protective film of quite acceptable quality has been pasted on it. It’s a pity, but there was no silicone case in the smartphone’s kit, although it is present in older models.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 26

On an upper cover on the upper left side there is an improvised area where there are two rear camera lenses and a diode flash peephole. If you use a smartphone without a protective cover, the metal frame of this site will be erased, but if you use the cover, this problem is absent. The realme C2 rear camera is capable of reproducing quite high-quality photographs, but only on condition that shooting will be carried out in the daytime. The video shooting quality in this smartphone is implemented very poorly, in the absence of stabilization the frame jumps all the time, and the camera focuses for a very long time. Frankly, shooting video is not for this device.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 27

The front camera has a very small resolution, but the pictures taken by her are quite decent. I will say right away that this camera is not for selfie lovers.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 28

An important factor in this smartphone is the presence of an FM receiver. In its absence, I would never choose Realme C2 or Realme 3. Many will say that FM is the last century and there is Internet, but not everywhere there is the Internet where there is definitely an FM signal.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 29

The presence of all kinds of sensors and receivers is no surprise anyone and this device implements almost everything that can be in a modern smartphone. But the lack of an NFC sensor and WiFi 5GHz makes me very sad, although waiting for this from a budget device would be rather stupid.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 30

Realme C has a fairly powerful and modern eight-core processor, but you should not rely on the gaming power of a smartphone.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 31

The internal memory of the device is 16GB, which is very small nowadays, but the ability to install an sd memory card negates this drawback.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 32

The amount of RAM in the smartphone is also far from ideal, but comparing the free memory in Realme 3 and Realme C2, I came to the conclusion that it is equal in percentage terms. An SD card for expanding the device’s memory can be installed up to 256GB.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 33

And now the most important thing. The smartphone’s battery has a sufficiently large capacity, which allows the device to remain autonomous for about two and a half days. With an average activity of using, namely using as a telephone, listening to music about two hours a day, regular visits and correspondence on social networks.

Smartphone Realme C2, image 34

As I wrote above, the completeness of the Realme C2 smartphone is quite mediocre, it is a charger, a USB cable, technical documentation and a protective film glued to the screen.

Total. Smartphone Realme C2, albeit a budget, but quite an excellent device with the presence of almost all the modern and necessary characteristics. This smartphone can be safely recommended for purchase.

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