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Review on Asus 24″ Gaming Monitor MG248QR

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Today I want to talk about my new Gaming Monitor ASUS MG248QR.

Asus MG248QR Gaming Monitor, image 10

1. The first acquaintance with any product begins with its packaging. By all traditions of ASUS, the monitor is packed perfectly. We are greeted by a stylish, easy-to-carry black box on which full product information is posted.

Asus MG248QR Gaming Monitor, image 6

2. Having opened the box, we see the parts qualitatively packed in polystyrene foam: Stand, several cables and the screen itself. The set includes a stand consisting of a platform and “legs”; HDMI cable version 1.4; DisplayPort cable DVI and AUX cable.

3. The footboard is made of metal-structured plastic. It has a hole for convenient cabling and a number of adjustments: a rotation of 180 degrees; height changes by 130mm; coup in portrait mode; tilt angle ~ 55 degrees. It is also possible to mount the monitor on a wall or bracket using a VESA 100x100mm mount.

Asus MG248QR Gaming Monitor, image 7

4. A 24-inch Full-HD gaming screen with a low response time (1 ms), high screen refresh rate (144 Hz) and FreeSync adaptive synchronization technology. FreeSync Supported by nVidea video cards from the 10th series. FreeSync technology eliminates the unpleasant effect of frame tearing and reduces the display delay, which provides both a higher picture quality and an improved game response to user actions. Present Technology to minimize flicker and filtering blue. The matte finish of the screen does not allow glare or reflection. Even in direct sunlight, the image is clearly visible. The monitor fully reveals its potential in dynamic shooters, in which a high refresh rate plays an important role. In everyday use, it also affects the smoothness of the scrolling of the pages.

Asus MG248QR Gaming Monitor, image 8
Asus MG248QR Gaming Monitor, image 9

Thank you for attention. I hope this review was useful to you. I wish you only good purchases!

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