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Review on Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor

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Hello! I want to share with you my first impressions of using my new Intel Core i5-6600K processor.

Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 9
Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 4

The reason for buying this processor was a huge desire to upgrade your home computer. I have been assembling computers for order and recently I have been able to assemble systems of various levels of complexity and power. But he himself, as they say, is a “shoemaker without boots”. No, of course I had a system, but on an older socket. Therefore, I wanted something new. I did not want to spend money on the latest processor models, because the exchange rate of foreign jacks does something unimaginable with prices in rubles. And so, after a little thought, I decided to opt for the i5-6600K processor. By the way, this processor is no worse than its compatriots of newer versions, and in some ways even better.

Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 5

For myself, as well as for other assemblies, the BOX version was ordered. And that’s why. The distinguishing feature between the BOX and OEM versions is not only the presence in the BOX version of a beautiful package with the INTEL brand sticker. But also the fact that the processor in the BOX version has a warranty period of 3 years, and OEM – 1 year. In my opinion, this is a very important and significant difference. By the way, the price difference between the two versions is negligible. So make a conclusion. In the original packaging there is not only a processor, but also a warranty card from the manufacturer and a sticker talking about the purchased product.

Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 7
Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 8

The processor itself is packed in a plastic case, which will protect it from mechanical damage during transportation.

Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 10

Now it remains to install the processor in a special socket on the motherboard and fix it. Install …

Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 11

And fix it with a clip.

Intel Core i5-6600K LGA1151 BOX (Skylake) Processor, image 12

As follows, all INTEL processors with the K index are endowed with overclocking capabilities and capabilities. And if you intend to do such actions, then you should think carefully about which motherboard to buy, because not all boards can overclock processors (it all depends on the chipset), and what kind of cooling to install in this case! The processors of this line are not very hot, but anything can happen under heavy load. Therefore, I recommend that you take these points very seriously.

Now it remains to install the assembly in the case and enjoy the high performance of our new 6600K.

The Intel Core I5-6600K processor is not the latest development from Intel, but it can boast of its enviable power. The nominal frequency is 3.5 GHz, and the frequency in Turbo mode is already 3.9 GHz. In addition, the processor is equipped with a graphics core Intel HD Graphics 530, which can allow you to use a computer without a video card, unless of course it is necessary.

I really liked this processor. Cold and productive. Yes, and what else is needed? And if you need a powerful processor from the current line, then the Intel Core I5-6600K processor should be your choice. Have a good shopping!

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