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Review on Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0

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A microwave is an essential attribute of every kitchen. If you want your microwave oven to be not only useful, but also organically fit into the interior of your kitchen, then you need to purchase a special built-in microwave model. So, the Bosch BEL524MS0 microwave oven is, in my opinion, the ideal balance between functionality, quality and price.

Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 1

Contents of delivery

The microwave oven comes in a carton sized box. The box easily fits in the luggage compartment of a car, and it can easily be lifted by 1 adult (man). The oven is packed very well: in addition to foam inserts, there are hard cardboard corners that provide additional protection; the stove itself is glued with a protective film, which virtually eliminates any scratches and injuries during transportation.

Scope of delivery includes:

  1. Microwave
  2. Glass stand plate
  3. Ring with rollers – under the stand
  4. Grill
  5. Mounting kit for embedding: screws, plastic inserts;
  6. Embed profile
  7. Set of documentation: 3 brochures-instructions in different languages, embedment scheme, warranty card and service book.
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 2
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 3
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 4


The assembly of the microwave oven is China, and it is felt immediately when you take out the stove from the package (specific smell). Different types of Bosch products are assembled in different factories: Germany, Turkey, China … Many equipment is now assembled in China under a license – I hope that the assembly will not affect its life.

The front panel of the microwave oven is made of black glass and stainless steel elements: it looks very stylish and expensive. The control panel to the right of the door includes the recessed rotary knob “+/-“, touch buttons for selecting operating modes, including the button for opening the oven door, as well as a display that displays the current time in standby mode and the current settings in cooking mode. All controls are also covered with glass, on which “fingers” remain. Beauty requires sacrifice, and especially when it comes to glass and stainless surfaces.

The side and back sides of the case are unremarkable (see photo).

Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 6
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 7
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 9
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 10
Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 11

The microwave oven has impressive dimensions compared to stand-alone microwave models, but the dimensions are quite standard for installation: 382 mm x 594 mm x 317 mm (H x W x D). However, the volume of the working area is significantly different from the external dimensions, you understand this immediately when you open the door: the volume of the furnace is 20 l (the physical dimensions of the chamber are 201 x 308 x 282 mm). There are similar models with a larger work area, so when purchasing, consider the amount you need. However, this amount for everyday needs is quite enough, especially if the kitchen arsenal has an oven, multi-oven and other appliances.

Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 5

The inner chamber of the furnace is made of stainless steel, which is easy to care for. In the upper part of the chamber there is a grill, in the lower part there is a motor-drive for a support plate. On the side surfaces – ventilation holes. The microwave has a built-in LED backlight – turns on when you open the door.

Overview of features and functions

  • Microwave with integrated grill.
  • The volume of the chamber for cooking is 20 litres.
  • The maximum cooking power is 800 watts.
  • 7 built-in programs + 1 program is customizable.
  • LED display, touch buttons, recessed control knob.
  • Glass plate stand and grill grill included.

Installation and preparation for work

Installing a microwave oven is not difficult if you already have a niche in the kitchen with “standard” dimensions for installation: (362 mm – 365 mm) x (560 mm – 568 mm) x 300 mm. It is only necessary to fix the furnace body with the included fasteners.

Important: There are ventilation holes on the back side, therefore, when installing, it must be ensured that there is a space for heat removal in the cabinet (this is stated in the operating and installation instructions).

The network cable is 1.3 m long, so make sure that there is an outlet or extension cord nearby (with the appropriate cross-section of the carrier cable withstanding 1.27 kW and 10A) before installation.

Operation and Care

Bosch Embedded Microwave BEL524MS0, image 13

A microwave oven can be classified as a “Plug and Play” device – plug it in and start using it (except for installation in a cabinet). To start working with the device, it is not necessary to read the instructions (which, by the way, is very weighty, it even has recommendations for preparing different dishes). We all intuitively set the capacity for heating (for example), set the desired power and duration of heating – that’s all, an audio signal will notify us of readiness.

Touch keys are very responsive. It is worth noting about the touch button for opening the door: if you suddenly turn off the electricity, then you will not be left without a heated dish: you can pick up the door from the bottom and pull it on yourself – the door will open without problems.

The microwave oven has 5 microwave power settings: 90, 180, 360 600, 800 watts. In the grill mode – 3 settings: 90, 180, 360 W. In addition, you can choose one of 4 built-in programs for defrosting, 3 built-in programs for cooking. There is 1 user program (combination of settings) that you can remember. The selected program and power in operation mode is highlighted in red.

On the front panel of the oven there is a small led display with an indication of the time in standby mode, as well as cooking parameters in operation mode. The symbols on the display are blue-green.

As mentioned earlier, the front panel is quite easily soiled, as it is made of glass and stainless steel. And in a compartment with touch buttons, fingerprints on the surface remain after each use. Therefore, I advise you to purchase a soft rag for care, so that everything looks beautiful))



  1. Bosch is a well-deserved brand that makes not only high-quality, but also beautiful equipment.
  2. Appearance: a great combination of black glass and stainless steel.
  3. Grill – expands the functionality of the microwave.
  4. 8 preinstalled programs


  1. Price. Embedded models of microwave ovens have an order of magnitude higher price than models with similar functionality, but stand-alone.
  2. Build China with the appropriate odor after unpacking. The smell persists only after the first preparation.
  3. Fingers should be washed off the front panel after each use.

There is no doubt that a microwave is needed in every kitchen. If you decide that you need not just a microwave (freestanding), but a built-in one, then Bosch BEL524MS0 is a worthy choice. Definitely recommend for purchase!

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