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Review on Panasonic Basic Charger + Eneloop 4AA Ni-MH 1900 mAh, K-KJ51MCC40E

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For a long time I was looking for reliable batteries for all my equipment and the choice fell on eneloop. These batteries were developed and manufactured by Sanyo, but later the company was bought by another well-known giant. This charger was purchased with batteries. The model is basic in the line, but more on that in order.

Panasonic Basic Charger K-KJ51MCC40E, image 1

The device is designed to charge NI-MH (nickel metal hydride batteries), as evidenced by the inscription under the name of the charger.
Battery capacity 1900 mAh. The capacity is honest. This is quite enough to power any devices in the household.

Eneloop AA 1900 mAh Ni-MH, image 2

Batteries made in Japan. On the case of each there is an embossed number with the date of production of the element. Dispose of them only according to certain rules, and not just throw them in the bin. A huge plus of batteries is that they can withstand up to 2100 discharge-charge cycles. The inscription Stay Charged indicates that the batteries hold their capacity perfectly. If the battery will not be used, then in a year it is able to save up to 80% of the charge. One battery pays off very quickly, compared to buying ordinary alkaline batteries.

The package includes: packaging, waste paper, charger, 4 batteries.
The official website shows the characteristics of this kit


Input currentAC100-240V 50-60Hz
Input Connector StructureDetachable fork
Charge controlTimer (13 hours)
Indication2 LED indicators: Charging ON, charged OFF
Rechargeable batteriesAA x 2, 4 / AAA x 2, 4 cells
Charging timeAA: approximately 10 hours AAA: approximately 10 hours
Sizes of a memory (mm) (ShHVHG)66 x 108 x 70 mm
Weight100 gr.
Panasonic Basic Charger K-KJ51MCC40E, image 3

Panasonic Basic Charger K-KJ51MCC40E, image 4

The device can charge a set of batteries in 10 hours. Because Since the model is basic, then there is no capacity control and other chips for adjusting the charge. A timer is installed in the memory, which, after 13 hours, turns off the device. The batteries themselves can only be charged in pairs. When 2 batteries are installed side by side, the green LED turns on.

Panasonic Basic Charger K-KJ51MCC40E, image 5

The device is made in China. Warranty for it is 5 years. For those for whom the charge time is not so important and there is no need for various additional functions, this device will be a good choice.

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