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Review on Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red

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Hello, dear customers of the Online Trade Online Store! My today’s small review is aimed at the audience whose representatives were faced with the choice of which smartphone to buy? And to be honest, this is a very difficult and difficult question. Now in the market of mobile technology there are a great many manufacturers and, accordingly, models of smartphones. For me, the issue of acquiring a new smartphone arose in connection with the approaching birthday of my beloved wife. And so, having determined the price range and a number of priority characteristics, the choice was stopped on the Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) in red.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 1

Personally, before buying this smartphone, I was a supporter of another manufacturer. Earlier, Samsung, in my opinion, overestimated the prices of its products. And now, it seems to me, they have taken a different path, releasing rulers and models of different price categories. The smartphone in question belongs to the category of up to 250 USD, and at its cost it is pretty well charged.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 2

The smartphone is delivered in its original packaging with full color printing, which shows the smartphone itself and its main technical characteristics. The layout of the contents in the package is standard, as for goods of this kind. On top of the contents of the delivery, lies the smartphone itself. Additionally, the smartphone is packaged in a transparent blister with a company logo.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 4

Having removed the smartphone from the box, we find the entire package. The package, in addition to a smartphone, includes a charger with a usb cable, user manual and warranty stickers. I would like to see the headphones in the configuration, but they are not provided for in this price category.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 5

Among other things, there is a special clip. This paper clip is designed to remove the SIM card tray.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 6

The smartphone is endowed with the classic all-in-one body design in a monoblock form factor with a display diagonal of 6.4″ inches. The display type is AMOLED, which guarantees excellent color reproduction and color saturation. The resolution with these display characteristics is 1560×720 Pixels. Thanks to the presence on A fingerprint scanner is located on the back of the smartphone on board the NFC technology, which is used for contactless payments, and this function can be used simply to protect the data of your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 7

Here is the main, dual camera 13 + 5 megapixels. In this case, the front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 8

As it should, on the front sides are all the necessary connectors for the charger and headphones. The main speaker is located right there.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 9

On the right, front side there is a power / lock button for the smartphone and a volume control button.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 10

Our new Samsung Galaxy A20 is powered by the Samsung Exynos 7884 processor, which has eight cores with a processor frequency of 1600 MHz. Video processor Mali-G71. With these processor characteristics, the smartphone is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal flash memory.

Now it remains to insert a sim card into our new smartphone and start using a large number of tools and applications from both Google and Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (2019) 32Gb Red, image 12

My wife, like me, really liked the smartphone! Bright design, with powerful potential that will not let you get bored in any everyday situation. Have a good shopping!

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