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Review on Philips HD7767/00 Drip Coffee Machine

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I bought a coffee machine for my wife on International Women’s Day! I wanted to buy a quality product, preferably a well-known brand and for a reasonable price. On the Internet, a huge amount of different information needs to be collected, analyzed and selected the most necessary. And another important factor, the price should not be sky-high. I collected information and analyzed. Then he concluded that my requirements are fully consistent with the Philips HD7767/00 coffee machine.

Coffee should be made from natural grain, plus if there is natural ground it can also be used for preparation. I did not consider preparing coffee in a coffee machine from capsules, although they are several times cheaper. I think real coffee should be made only from natural grain! Another point, a grain cafe needs to be ground before cooking. There is such a device in the Philips coffee machine and you do not need to buy an additional coffee grinder.

The goods arrived quickly, packaged with high quality and no damage was found upon delivery. After buying a coffee machine, I appreciated the taste of grain coffee in a new way. While making coffee for myself, I experiment: I buy different types of coffee, I select the variety, the degree of roasting, I control the number of beans during preparation, the amount of sugar and milk, etc. Coffee turns out to have a rich taste and its smell is slightly intoxicating and you begin to understand that it is drink of the gods!

The front part of the coffee machine is made of black plastic. On the sides there are stainless inserts that blend perfectly with the main black color.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 2

At the top there is a container for coffee beans. A sealing gum is installed in the lid for the container to ensure the tightness of the container. Moisture will not get into the closed container and the coffee beans will not be exhaled. A round handle passes through the container for filling coffee beans to adjust the degree of grinding. If necessary, you can adjust and grind the coffee in a small or large consistency.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 3

The next lid, which is made at the top of the machine, next to the container for coffee beans, closes the niche for pouring water and an indicator of the amount of preparation of cups of coffee. The indicator sets the number of cups of coffee. The number of cups of coffee that can be prepared at the same time 10 pieces.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 4

One cup corresponds to approximately 100 grams. I make myself coffee for 2 cups (pour water according to the indicator), it turns out a large 250 gram mug and 50 grams remain for adding milk or cream to the coffee. And I almost forgot, under the same lid is a container with a small lid, through which you can pour ground coffee. The lid opens with a special pusher, which is included.

On the front side of the coffee machine there is a power button, which after pressing lights up in red (it is also a power button) and an adjustment round knob. With this knob, you can adjust the number of beans (coffee strength) by rotating it to the right or left side. The adjustment interval is from 2 to 10 grains.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 5

A handle is located a little lower on the side, pulling it towards itself to open the strainer with a shut-off valve.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 9

After cooking, the filter can be removed and rinsed with running water. Then dry and install in a regular place for the next use.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 11

Below the filter with a shut-off valve is a niche in which a glass container is installed.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 7

The prepared coffee is collected in it.

Coffee machine PHILIPS Grind & Brew HD7767/00, image 8

After the coffee is ready and you have not turned off the coffee machine, the prepared coffee will be heated and there is no need to worry that the coffee will cool down quickly.

And the most pleasant moment when the coffee machine is making coffee in the morning smells of freshly brewed coffee are carried around. He quickly fills the room and sets everyone around only on a positive mood for the whole day!

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