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Review on Chieftec ELP-700S Element 700W Power Supply Unit

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The process of transition to a new platform, I started from afar and took care of replacing the power supply (PSU). My not very old PSU 500 watts for the current system was enough end to end. At the beginning of the journey, I buried myself in the forums, looked at many dozens of reviews … As a result, my vision of the price of 50-60 USD for a power supply grew first at 80-90 USD, and then at 100+ USD.

“Stop! Think with your mind, ”I told myself, and sat down at the“ calculator ”. It turned out not so much: the configuration of a rational dream “eats” under 550 watts clean. This number must be adjusted for the efficiency of the power supply. Any power supply unit with an 80+ certificate gives an efficiency of at least 80% (in the case of high-ranking certificates, up to 90% or more). I acted simply: I added 20% to the need and received 660 watts. Here I give you round numbers, in reality, after all the calculations, I actually had enough 650 watts power supply.

After analyzing the prices, I realized that the price difference between the 650-watt and 700-watt power supplies of one model is insignificant. Further, the comparison was carried out only between 700-watt PSUs.

Also decided on a certificate 80+ – it should be, albeit any. The requirement was born not so much from the desired efficiency as from the idea that normal manufacturers would not be wasting effort on certification of an obviously weak and poor-quality model.

As it turned out, the choice of PSUs of good manufacturers, the required capacity, with a certificate and a sky-high price tag is extremely small. Actually, here it is, the hero:

Chieftec ELP-700S Element 700W Power Supply, image 1

He arrived in such a speckled bag:

Chieftec ELP-700S Element 700W Power Supply, image 2

In the “kit”, respectively, was only the BP itself.

Surprisingly, the PSU case, despite its OEM status, was practically not scratched (with horror I recall the previous OEM FSP from a completely scratched light alloy):

Chieftec ELP-700S Element 700W Power Supply, image 3
Chieftec ELP-700S Element 700W Power Supply, image 4

Let’s go over the most important points:

  1. The PSU has an 80 PLUS Bronze certificate, which is the second step in the certificate of rankings, which is very cool for a budget model;
  2. The load capacity of the + 12VDC channel is 648 watts. It is on this number that one should be guided in the case of manual calculations of the necessary nutrition of the main components;
  3. The PSU has fixed cables, which is not surprising for a budget model. Cable lengths are more than enough not only for any needs in a Mid-sized enclosure, but also for cable management, albeit not the most sophisticated one. There are two minuses: the first, only the motherboard power cable has a braid (when laying cables, you need to be careful, especially on the sharp edges of the case and components), the additional video card connectors 2, but are located on the same pigtail (when installing two video cards far from each other cable length may not be enough);
  4. I can’t adequately evaluate the heating and noise: now the PSU is working with a clear underload in terms of power, and there are 5 fans in the case that “overthrow any nightingale”. But there were no obvious stocks in this regard.


I am pleased with the purchase as an elephant. Now we can only hope that the PSU will last for many years.

Pros: price, reliable manufacturer, 80+ certificate.

Cons: protective grid only on the power cable of the motherboard, connectors of additional power of video cards on one “pig”.

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