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Review on Electric Hob Kuppersberg ECO 301

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We will talk about the electric stove Kuppersberg ECO 301.

Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 1

Since I was cooking on a gas stove almost from my childhood and only occasionally had to cook on stoves with cast-iron burners, I was always skeptical of electric stoves. For me, the image was one: certainly enameled white tile with a black burner, always dirty at the edges and covered with rust. Therefore, after moving to an apartment where there was no gas, it was decided to take the built-in with a glass-ceramic surface. And since all the dishes were bought exclusively for gas, induction was not suitable here. What determines the choice of Kuppersberg ECO 301.

Packaging is not original. The usual box with the name of the model. But inside the stove is well packed from chips and dust, otherwise nothing.

Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 3

Options: a passport, a guarantee there, and most importantly, fasteners for installation! What is not always included in the package even famous brands!

Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 4
Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 6

The plate has ventilation openings, which in no case should be blocked by anything. And another difference from most stoves, when we turn it over, we see that the power supply unit is on the back side. This is very convenient during installation, as for many models it is in front and the connection cable actually lies on the oven, unless of course it is present. At the bottom of the photo block in the upper right corner.

Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 7
Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 8

The embedding process itself does not cause problems. The instructions describe this process in detail with the mounting holes. We cut a hole in the countertop and prepare the plate for embedding. First of all, we insert and fasten the spacers that come with the kit.

Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 9

We connect the cable without confusing the phase with zero and ground. Embedding takes literally half a minute, just insert the plate into the hole and that’s it! For this, special thanks to the manufacturer!

Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 10
Kuppersberg ECO 301, image 11

What are some useful features in the cooker? This is a child protection, after turning it on, the buttons are locked. I can say that this is a protection not only from children, but also from animals, especially from curious cats that roam back and forth. 🙂 Sensor lock when dispensing fluid. The sensor itself works flawlessly. The timer function is very convenient, it works in two modes – just like a timer for counting time and a timer for turning off the burner.

In conclusion, I can say: after six months of operation, there are no large claims to the stove. If you wipe the glass-ceramic surface in time – nothing burns, for this you need to purchase a special liquid that not only cleans, but also covers the surface with a protective film. The stove looks stylish.

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