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Overview of the Liebherr CBNef 4815 Refrigerator

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Good afternoon! I want to talk about the refrigerator Liebherr CBNef 4815.

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 2

This refrigerator was chosen with my wife for a long time. At first, we looked after a two-door refrigerator, because we live outside the city and are purchased once a week in large quantities. After going through a bunch of shopping centers and looking at a lot of refrigerators, we stopped at this refrigerator because of the following advantages:

1. The height of the shelves, unlike most competitors, can be selected in increments of 5 cm, which is convenient and allows you to effectively use the entire volume of the refrigerator, based on the size of your dishes. There are slots on the side of the shelves, thanks to which the shelves can be quickly moved in height without removing them from the refrigerator (even with not heavy products).

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 7

2. In the Liebherr CBNef 4815 refrigerator there are immediately two “Zero” chambers for storing meat and fish products and separately vegetables and fruits. The temperature and humidity in the chambers can be adjusted separately from the main temperature in the refrigerator. Boxes of the “Zero” camera are mounted on rails and can be pulled out 90%, which is very convenient for everyday use.

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 19

I would like to note that thanks to the VarioSpace system , the zero chamber can be quickly removed to accommodate large-sized products (4 tier cake or skittles with beer).

3. The freezer has three full-size drawers (most competitors have 2.5), as well as shelves. You can choose a more convenient storage format depending on the products. The temperature of the freezer can be released to -26 degrees.

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 18

4. There is a foldable shelf in half to accommodate high containers. Therefore, for one or two 3 liter cans, it is not necessary to separate the shelf separately!

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 13

5. All the materials used in the refrigerator are of high quality and pleasant to the touch, it immediately catches the eye after the products of other manufacturers.

6. Due to the design of the door and the handle, the refrigerator can be placed tightly against the wall or built in; this will not interfere with the opening of the door.

It’s scary to buy a refrigerator over the Internet from pictures, but after reading the reviews and watching the refrigerator live, we opted for the purchase of this model. If a malfunction occurs, we will have to contact the Liebherr service center, regardless of where it was purchased. The main thing is to choose a reliable supplier.

We were satisfied with the choice! The refrigerator was brought quickly. They brought it into the house without any problems, helped to unpack (this is important – I would not have managed it alone). Thanks to high-quality factory packaging and a proprietary delivery system, no problems arose. The refrigerator from the factory comes completely in a protective film, I was pleased because I was afraid that they would bring an exhibition sample or after a factory repair. The presence of the film ensures that this refrigerator came to me exactly from the factory.

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 9

The package comes with detailed instructions, so with the installation and the first inclusion of the refrigerator did not arise. The refrigerator has wheels at the bottom and special transport handles at the back, so that it was possible to move it from the corridor to the installation location (kitchen) without straining.

Liebherr CBNef 4815 - Image 14

The refrigerator has a convenient and intuitive menu where you can set the temperature for the refrigerator compartment (from +9ºC to +3ºC), BiOFresh compartment (9 levels from +5ºC to -3ºC) and the freezer (-26ºC to -16ºC). There are modes of rapid cooling, quick freezing. Both modes are used to quickly cool or freeze a large number of products and turn off automatically. There is a child lock, there is an activated carbon filter (FreshAir), maybe Sabbath Mode is useful for someone.

The most important function of the refrigerator is the preservation of fresh products, and this model copes wonderfully with this! Proven – the products are really stored at times times compared to my old refrigerator.

The refrigerator has a class Energy Efficiency Class A ++.

Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  1. A relatively high price. Although the combination of price / quality in my opinion everything is fine;
  2. Unusual arrangement of door shelves. Due to the separation of BiOFresh, they are higher than usual. Over time, you get used to it and do not feel discomfort;
  3. SmartSteel coating – it looks beautiful, but still not very practical for families with children. Get dirty!

We recommend with the wife to purchase this model. You will not regret it for sure.

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