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Review on Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP Printer / Copier / Scanner

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Good day to all. We recently bought a Brother DCP-L2540DN Printer / Copier / Scanner.

Designations in the marking:

  • D – duplex printing mode. Can print on both sides of the sheet.
  • N– There is an Ethernet interface. Can be connected over the network.

There are already about 7-8 similar devices in the company. They are very reliable, productive and not expensive, both in purchase and in service. The same Kyosera will cost 30-50% more, plus it has no software for scanning (installed a third-party program NAPS2).

Go straight to the Brother website and register your device. Only in this case we receive a manufacturer’s warranty for three years (instead of the standard one).

You can easily refill cartridges and print refilled. There are no chips, you just need to put a daw on the menu. But we often just buy NV-Print analog cartridges. Cheap and cheerful – TN-2375 costs 9 US dollars. The manufacturer says it should be enough for 2,600 pages. One minus they have is that they print poorly halftones. This is especially evident when printing scanned pages (with original cartridges everything is perfect in all modes). I bought a replacement drum, too, NV-Print, but it still remains in stock (the drums have a large resource of work).

On one printer, the ADF rollers began to slip. And the printer’s pick rollers are working fine. Probably, the oldest printer has already printed about thirty-five thousand pages (not the largest volume, of course, but not small either).

When using the scanner, the ADF tray takes priority. That is, if there is something in the auto-feed tray, then the document is taken from there, but if not, then scanning is carried out from the glass.

Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 1
Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 2
Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 3
Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 4
Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 5
Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 6
Brother DCP-L2540DN Laser MFP, image 7

In one of the reviews, the buyer wrote about the inability to scan over the network, only to an FTP folder. Specifically, I have not tried this printer (there was no such task), but they are absolutely identical with the Brother DCP-L2700DN, the color is only different (they do not differ in characteristics, dimensions, weight). So on the Brother DCP-L2700DN I set it up so that the user goes to the printer, selects network scanning, finds the name of his PC and starts scanning. At this time, a scanning progress window opens on his PC. And the scanned documents are saved to the default folder on this PC. I suppose this printer can also set up scanning in this way.

One downside that users have recently expressed is the inability to view the scanned material before saving. Before that, there were HP MFPs. When working on it, the document was scanned, after that you can view it and check whether you scanned everything you need (if necessary, added or deleted sheets, or changed their order), and then save. Here you need to scan everything and then save it, and only then, the already saved document, can you look at it. And when using an automatic feeder, if 2 sheets of paper accidentally stick together in the contract, the entire contract must be rescanned. If the document is 50-60 sheets long, it is very unpleasant. In HP, you could additionally scan 1-2 sheets and insert, and then save (according to users).

The printer comes with a CD with drivers and software. Everything is installed very easily and everything is by default.

Important: the set does not include a cable for connecting the MFP to a PC. Neither USB nor Ethernet.

The web interface of the MFP is standard for Brother – in white and blue. In user mode, it has very few settings. Basically background information, reports and the ability to assign contacts and address locations. The administrator password is located on a sticker on the back of the printer (no user needed, only a password). There are many more settings in administrator mode. The tabs for scan settings (just the Scan to FTP folder setting), copy, print, administrator and network settings appear. In the network settings tab, you can configure sending reports by e-mail for a period of 1 to 30 days, which is very convenient if you need to monitor the status of the printer.

In general, I like the printer and MFP of this company. Specifically, the 2540DN is a “workhorse” – relatively inexpensive and quite reliable. A big plus is the presence of a network interface. Some of our printers work with a single user, but if times get tough, you can always have multiple people connected to it. So I can safely recommend this printer to the department for 3-6 people or for home use.

Success to everyone!

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