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Overview on Eccentric Sander Makita BO5030

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Good morning dear friends! Yesterday, the Makita BO5030 orbital sander took his next order from the store. This device was purchased for grinding the floor in the apartment and grinding the walls and wooden beams in the suburban area.

Makita BO5030, image 1
Makita BO5030, image 2

The body of the machine is made of plastic coated with rubber elements with perforation for a more comfortable grip of the product. The power cord has a length of 1.5 meters, is very elastic and has double insulation. The sanding pad is attached to the base with three screws, if necessary it can easily be changed to a similar one .The start button of the device has anti-dust protection.

Makita BO5030, image 4

Also on the case of the product there is a special bell for dust removal during operation. It is possible to connect a dust container that comes with the kit or a vacuum cleaner.

Makita BO5030, image 5
Makita BO5030, image 6

The delivery set includes: a cardboard box, an orbital sander, a dust container, a product manual in Russian and English, a certificate of conformity of the product to the customs union, and one grinding wheel.

Makita BO5030, image 7
Makita BO5030, image 11

Let’s go a little bit on the technical characteristics of the device itself. The power of the machine is 300 W, the current consumption is 1.4 A, the rotation frequency of the grinding sole is 12000 RPM, the diameter of the grinding sole is 125 mm, and the input voltage for the machine is 230-240 V. The grinder was manufactured in the United States of America.

The date of manufacture of the product and its serial number are indicated on the information sticker on the device. My machine was made in May 2018. The serial number is listed just below the date 933683A.

Makita BO5030, image 3

Having opened the manual for the operation of the goods, we can see the sections with you: preparing the product for use, safety measures when using a grinding device, a description of the operation, personal safety of the operator, installation, operation and maintenance of the device after completion of work.

The user manual in an accessible language, as well as using pictures, tells us how to use the machine and what safety measures must be followed.

To date, I have not had experience using eccentric orbital sanders. When I first used it, I experienced a huge effect of pleasure from working with this machine.

The grinder is quiet compared to Chinese and domestic counterparts, strong vibrations are practically not transmitted to the hand, there is no discomfort when working with it.

It is also very convenient to hold the machine, rubberized pads on the case will not allow the device to fall out of hand.

Not a big drawback is just a dust container, since I think the fabric of the bag itself is thin.

In general, the device is just wonderful, with it any work turns into the art of woodworking, you just need to try to work once and then you don’t want to let it out of your hands!

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