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Overview on Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router

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Greetings. Today in the Wi-Fi review, the Asus RT-AX58U router is from a well-known router manufacturer, and not only routers, but also Asus computers, laptops and computer components. This manufacturer has long established itself in the market, it has also been producing routers for quite some time, and in addition, it is one of the first to introduce new technologies into its products, which is also a big plus. Therefore, when choosing routers, similar routers from other manufacturers were studied (a router of the middle price segment was chosen) and as a result, the choice was stopped on the Asus RT-AX58U model.

The router stands out for its support of two bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and support for the new standard Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax, as it is also called. When choosing a router, it was especially important so that it supports this standard, as the number of Wi-Fi devices is currently growing, and the capabilities of the previous Wi-Fi standards are no longer enough. The new Wi-Fi 6 standard far surpasses the previous ones and improves the speed and coverage of wireless networks, but in more detail about this a little lower, but for now let’s look at the design of the router.

The RT-AX58U model comes in a gray box, on the front side of which the router itself is depicted, with a description of its main advantages and awards received by it from well-known computer publications:

Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 8
Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 6
Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 9

On the back of the box there is a description of the advantages of the router:

Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 6

The model is made in the corporate identity of Asus for gamers-ROG, although it is not included in this series, but nevertheless, the general features are immediately evident. In the center of the router, the company name is in gold letters and the design of this model as a whole looks interesting and modern.

In the box itself, the router and the cables that come with it, for protection during transportation, are packed in plastic film:

Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 5

The router is equipped with four fixed antennas and convenient light indicators. At the ends of the router there are ventilation holes:

Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 2
Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 3

On the back of the router are the power button, connection ports, USB port, and the antennas themselves:

Wi-Fi Asus RT-AX58U Router, image 4

From the appearance of the router, let’s move on to the new technologies that its manufacturer has equipped. This model uses wide communication channels of 180 MHz, due to which an impressive speed is achieved when transferring data, about three thousand megabits per second. An advantage over the previous standard, Wi-Fi 5 is obvious, the speed is almost two and a half times higher than in previous models supporting the previous standard. The router manufacturer especially emphasizes that this model is recommended for use in networks with high load. In addition to being particularly efficient in such networks, the router is also energy efficient and generally consumes less power than previous generation routers. Regarding connection security for devices, the router is equipped with AiProtectionPro protection. which effectively fights various Internet threats. The manufacturer of the router emphasizes that this is enterprise-class protection with several levels of protection – vulnerability check, protection against online attacks, blocking access to malicious sites.

Plus there is a parental control function. Another interesting technology that this router supports is AiMesh, the essence of which is that you can connect several Asus routers to it in one wireless network for large and very large rooms. All you need to do is upgrade your router software. The manufacturer gives a three year warranty on this model, which, in my opinion, is quite good. In size and weight, everything is no worse and no better. than that of similar models from competitors, the dimensions are 224 by 154 and by 160. Weight is 538 grams.

The time has come to summarize this review. The router for its price is distinguished by support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, excellent communication quality, powerful and long-range. But there is one thing, but if at least half of the connected devices to the router do not support the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, then it will automatically work on the previous standard. Currently, there are not many such devices, but in the future they will be more and more. Therefore, before purchasing this router, I recommend weighing all its pros and cons, although, in my opinion, the minus is only one price. Currently, it is quite high, that is, in fact, there is, if I may say so, an extra charge for new technologies in the router.

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