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Review on the Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven

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Before the first use, according to the instructions, the mini-stove had to be prepared by turning it on for 10 minutes at a temperature of 220 Celsius degrees. During this time, I felt a slight chemical smell, which is the norm for the first use according to the instructions. It is also indicated that there may be smoke on first use. There was no smoke. Within the specified 10 minutes, the heating elements do not go out, as then during operation (they glow brightly for a few seconds, then fade out, etc.)

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 4

Without further ado, I decided to try a mini-stove on potatoes, baking it in a peel). I laid out the halves on the wire rack and on a metal tray (both included) to compare the degree of readiness:

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 6
Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 2

I turned it on by setting the timer to start for 20 minutes at a temperature of approximately 220ºC (only 100ºC, 150ºC, 200ºC, 250ºC are clearly indicated on the scale).

Twenty minutes was not enough, so I added the same amount, as a result, the total time turned out to be 40 minutes.

The instructions all the time mention the middle and lower levels, on which a wire rack and a tray for baking different dough are placed, for example. However, the word “middle” suggests the presence of a “top” level, but it does not.

That is, there are only two levels – the upper (the so-called middle) and the lower. In another way, put the wire rack and the tray will not work:

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 5


The half of the potatoes on the lattice on the left — the one that “faces” the heating element — began to become covered with a burnt crust already in the 20th minute, which is logical based on the proximity of the potato “face” to the heating element.

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 6

Two neighboring halves only slightly “burned”:

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 7

The bottom half of the potato – the one that was on the tray, looked like this:

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 8

All halves were baked the same in my subjective sensations. In any case, I didn’t notice much difference. Such a normal baked potato turned out 🙂

Together with the packaging, the mini-stove after purchase looked like this (included instructions + wire rack + tray):

Review on Galaxy GL 2619 Mini-Oven - Image 9

There is very little information in the instructions on cooking modes – only for meat (pork and lamb chops. Chicken legs, steak) and fish (fish fillet and salmon steak). And a few phrases about setting levels for yeast and puff pastries – lower or middle (aka upper). All ! Guess the rest yourself if you have no experience using such stoves.

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