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Review on Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D

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Hello! I bring to your attention a review on the washing machine Weissgauff WM 4146 D. This device is a German brand, made in Italy, although some models are assembled in China.

Initially, the task was to choose a not-so-expensive washing machine with a dryer up to 45 centimeters deep, of the low-cost models on the market, only Weissgauff WM 4148 D was found, but this model has a depth of 47 cm, so the choice fell on the Weissgauff WM 4146 D washing machine with a depth of 41 cm, in order to enter the closet in the bathroom.

The washing machine is packed in a foam tray and a lid, in the corners there are racks of the same material, all this is covered with a plastic film.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 5
Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 6

It looked like the appearance of the washing machine after unpacking.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 27
Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 28
Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 29
Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 30

The washing machine kit includes: instruction manual, warranty card, brief installation instructions, inlet hose with aqua-stop system, four plugs for the holes from the transport bolts, a partition in the powder tray.

And one more incomprehensible accessory from the kit, about which there is not a word in the instructions, during further operation its purpose may become clear.

After unpacking, it was necessary to unscrew the transportation fasteners, remove 4 bolts together with washers, and insert plugs into the holes. The machine is manufactured efficiently, assembly and components (main engine, pump, heater) of Italian production.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 9
Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 12

An important function of this model is full protection against leaks (with the Aqua-stop system), it protects against flooding in the event of a hose rupture, damage to the machine body or the occurrence of water hammer.

Description of the main functions of this model is well described on the official website of Weissgauf.

A washing machine at its workplace after connecting to communications.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 31

Before the first washing of the laundry, the manufacturer recommends that you start the machine for the first time using the cotton program at a temperature of 90°C without loading the laundry in order to remove any residual water after leaving the factory.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 18

Rotary knob (programmer) – used to select a program and turn on the machine.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 19

Buttons: temperature, spin speed, delayed start, control depending on the level of contamination, additional options, confirmation of the selected option, start / pause, access lock.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 22
Detergent tray

For any type of washing, the detergent is placed in the central compartment, for the prewash mode, the detergent is poured into the compartment on the left, the reservoir on the right serves as a fabric softener.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 20

The partition is released for liquid detergents.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 23

The partition is raised for powder detergents and washing gels.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 20
Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 25

The COTTON program is installed, the temperature of the wash water is 20 degrees, the washing time is 1 hour 33 minutes,

The machine has the function “My program”, which allows you to create and save the optimal mode of operation, based on the parameters you selected, also a delayed start timer, child lock buttons, a function for reloading linen, which not many washing machine models can boast of.

I would also like to note: good washing quality, a capacious ram designed for 6 kg of laundry, which preserves and protects things from mechanical damage even at high spin speeds, is economical and environmentally friendly in operation – it has a small water consumption, energy class A+++, silence during operation, low cost with a sufficiently large functionality (15 washing programs).

Currently, it is difficult to find an inexpensive model of European assembly, therefore, it was attracted by the fact that this washing machine was assembled in Italy. When buying this model there was a pleasant bonus from the manufacturer – a set of pasta “Barilla”.

Washer Weissgauff WM 4146 D, image 24

I am definitely satisfied with the purchase and recommend it to those who want to get European quality at a reasonable price.

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