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Review on Monitor AOC 24E1Q 23.8″ Black

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Good afternoon friends! Today I want to write a review on the wonderful AOC monitor. We have known about AOC for a long time as a manufacturer of very high-quality inexpensive, time-tested monitors. This model comes with a very good guarantee for a period of 3 years, I hope that nothing will happen to the monitor during this and the next time, it should work for decades without defects with proper use and maintenance. Like most modern devices, the product is made in China.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 17

Let’s see in what form the goods arrived. A box of good quality, tight with the logo of the device. On the front panel there is an image of the monitor from different sides. A seal with the AOC logo makes it clear that no one climbed inside except the manufacturer.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 18

Side view. There are handles convenient for carrying, the box is not very heavy in weight. Nothing shakes and dangles inside, the manufacturer made sure that the goods came to us safe and sound.

The box opens from above, the top cover is attached with a special lock, open it and see how everything is correctly folded. Along the edges are additional. components, stands, cables. The monitor panel itself is located in the center in a foam box, which protects the device from mechanical damage possible in the fall. The panel also lies in a special anti-static bag, which additionally protects from dust, moisture and static.

We see in the kit there is a power cable, an HDMI cable for connecting and receiving a digital signal, an unassembled stand for installing the monitor on the table. There is a small brochure on which warranties and various licenses and certificates are indicated.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 21

We take the monitor out of the protective bag. On the reverse side, we have all the inputs and outputs of the device. On the left is the built-in power supply connector, which involves connecting a standard computer cable of 220 volts. Next is the platform for mounting the table stand. Then connect via HDMI and Display Port (digital outputs), followed by a VGA analog output, well, connect a microphone and headphones or speakers. There is a sticker with specifications and other information about the device. There are 4 holes in the center for standard VESA mounts to hang the monitor from a wall. One of the selection criteria was a tough platform for these mounts. Inside, this model uses a metal base on which the monitor will firmly adhere to the wall even when moving, for example, if hung in a truck.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 22

The front side is very good. The strict design of black color is used. One of the main advantages of this model is the matte display, which does not transmit glare even in sunny weather, with direct sunlight it is better to work better with direct sunlight. The display without a frame beautifully complements the design of the workplace. Bottom right are also buttons for managing image settings.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 23

Side view. As you can see the panel is not very wide, and does not take up much space on the table, you can put it in such a way that the display is almost close to the wall.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 24

There is a sticker on the back of the European standard for energy consumption, our monitor is very economical and belongs to the A + class technology.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 25

The stand looks more than confident, the design of brushed aluminum harmonizes beautifully with the overall appearance of the black monitor. It is also possible to adjust the display angles by clicking on the screen itself.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 26

The settings menu is quite extensive, it allows you to customize the picture to your taste and color. There is even support for choosing a language.

AOC 24E1Q 23.8" Black, photo 27

In general, I am very pleased with the purchase, for an amount of less than 170 dollars, I received a large monitor that makes it comfortable to watch videos or work in a browser. I advise you to purchase this product, the screen perfectly conveys the picture, the eyes do not hurt even with prolonged use, do not get tired. A large number of settings and various ports makes it possible to use the device for different purposes and consider it universal.

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