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Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV

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In this review, we will focus on the Samsung TV UE24H4080 in white color.

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white

No one needs to explain for a long time why this device is needed in the house.

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 2

Nowadays, for most of our citizens (and I mean age people) – this is the most important source of information. Every year, fewer people inform themselves through newspapers and radio programs. TV has replaced live communication for people and, in fact, has a huge impact on the thinking of the receiving signal audience. So my parents do not particularly favor the Internet and, as usual, try to inform themselves through programs broadcast on television. It was for my parents that I purchased this TV. This is not the first Samsung TV in our family.

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 3

Probably, in my memory, it’s 6 or 7. And up to a certain point, I was very skeptical about this manufacturer, believing that Samsung does not produce anything worthy, but at the same time wants to be represented in every niche of household devices and electronic devices. The turning point was the episode after which on TV I radically changed my attitude towards Samsung. This is a service for servicing already sold televisions (warranty period). We purchased a Samsung TV with a diagonal of 49 inches. After operating in the region of 9 months, a vertical line appeared on the TV screen.

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 4

Moreover, my parents also had that TV, and they asked me to deal with this issue. I roughly understood that I needed to contact authorized service centers in the city for diagnostics and delivery for warranty repairs. But I could not assume that by calling the Samsung hotline, talking about my problem, giving the full serial number of the TV and agreeing on the visit of the master the next day, he would bring a brand new 49-inch TV matrix to me at home, change it for 20 minutes and take the defective with you. How do you like this story ??

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 5

I was mildly impressed with the speed of response to my problem and was very pleased with the end result. And as you can imagine, now I do not choose the manufacturers of the TV, I choose only the size and model of the Samsung TV !!

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 6

As with all Samsung devices, the product code contains all the information for the buyer. Let’s figure out what my TV has.

Let me remind you my UE24H4080 TV article:

  • The first character is U. U– TV, in fact.
  • The second symbol is E. E– region of implementation. In this case, the European market.
  • The third and fourth character is 24. The size of the device. In our case, the diagonal is 24.
  • The fifth character is N. The year the device was developed. In internal Samsung documents, the letter H is assigned to devices developed in 2014.
  • Sixth and seventh characters – a series and model of the device. The higher the series, the correspondingly more functionality is incorporated into the device. In my case, I have a basic equipment model from the 4 series of Samsung TVs.
  • The seventh and eighth symbols are responsible for the design of the stand form and the color of the TV case. I have a monolithic stand, the color of the case is white.
Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 7

Now, what should I say about the capabilities of the TV. The TV has a very bright picture. This color rendering is provided by the latest expansion technology – Wide Color Enhancer Plus. This technology is especially good when displaying small objects and details in the picture, and also forms a full-fledged rich color palette when broadcasting a television signal.

In addition, like all modern TVs, it is possible to play movies, photos and audio files via USB-output. Just insert a USB drive, select a playback source and then you can enjoy a great picture and sound. Sound, by the way, is at a very decent level. The power of 2 speakers is 10 watts.

The TV also supports PAL, SECAM, NTSC standards, as well as digital TV standards – DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2.

Unfortunately, the TV does not support SMART TV technology. However, for my parents this is not a great loss.

Review on Samsung UE24H4080 TV, white - image 8

Summarizing, I want to note the excellent quality of color pictures on the TV. I can responsibly recommend for purchase!

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